Stupid questions

Now I know that there is not supposed to be such a thing as a stupid question but whats the worst you have heard?

We had a lad who asked a female Troop Comd "If you were swimming in a pool of spunk and someone threw a bucket of shit at you would you duck?"

She just gave him a withering look and said nothing.

The same lad after receiving a full set of orders and being asked "any questions" came out with "If someone with aids shagged a blowup sheep and then you shagged the sheep would you catch aids?"

From then on the section head asked if anyone had any relevant questions.

moved. mk


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Asking for a size 9 boot to try on, and when it fits, asking if you can supply one to fit the other side (true).


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"Any questions?"

"Yes. Will the spacemen be armed?"

Which had half a dozen of us snotting down our nose, until some twunt said "Spacemen? What?".

When we lost it and started snotting down both nostrils and making noises like a cardiac arrest.

you had to be there, you know?

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