Stupid question.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by brian_fantastic, Oct 13, 2006.

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  1. Hey all, just a quickie! The RAC, do they have to prance about on horseback and stuff, aswell as driving around in badass tanks? I need to know for my interview on tuesday. cheers to anyone that replys !
  2. Nope, they also do roadside assistance.
  3. funny bloke, but is the sitting on a horse thing a must?
  4. Getting your ring split by Shergar in Phase 1 is.
  5. Is that an RAC avatar you've got, Brian?
  6. Perhaps he has watched "We Were Soldiers" too many times and wants to be Air Cav? :oops:
  7. Maybe (RHA)..Royal Horse Artillery...:crash:

    Try Here...
  8. No. Im exploring all my options...Which i believe is a good idea.
  9. It is. You really should consider Shergar.
  10. True enough. I'm sure the gay lifestyle has many things to offer. Just be sure to wear a condom.
  11. thing to offer, like what a split ring (oh i can feel the pain just thinking about it) :x :crying:
  12. Speaking from experience? I hear VD stings.
  13. If you start pissing razor blades then be nice to the Medics; they have the option of giving you a week on anti-biotics, but if you are nasty to them then the old steel umbrella goes down the japs eye. And that does sting!

    Back on thread for a moment: very, very few of the Cav or RHA do horses anymore. While a significant number of officers do ride, very few soldiers do unless you want to. Should you want to get up at silly o'clock every morning and muck out an evil beast that hates you, either get married, join the HCMR or apply for Kings Troop RHA. Other RHA units are too busy with their Guns or playing infantry in NI, Bos/Kosovo, Cyprus and other sandy places (where 7RHA are coming back from having done rather a lot of gunnery apparently). The rest of the RAC are too busy playing with their tanks and getting batfaced. The RTR were never mounted (except by 3Para Mortar Pl) and just go around in white socks and grey slacks with slip-on shoes.
  14. You WILL go to hell for that one! PMSL, you owe me a new screen and a mug of latte!