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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Monkeyjizz, Jul 15, 2005.

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  1. I'm starting basic at lichfield quite soon and i'm not sure if i should turn up shirt and tie jobbie or in sports gear.

    I know its a bit of a stupid question, and i'm sure you're going to take the p'ss. But i'd rather not turn up in trackies and running trainers when everyone else is suited and booted or vice versa. So one bit of serious advice among the bad jokes that i'm sure are gonna follow would be appreciated. cheers
  2. I think the general rule of thumb is to turn up in as much warry gear as you can lay your hands on. Doing an SAS 'embassy siege' type entrance will also get you extra brownie points ;)
  3. Turn up smartly dressed = Good first impression.

    Turn up dressed like a chav - Everyone thinks you're a chav.

    Nothing wrong with setting your own standards.

    Good luck.
  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Not a stupid question: well done for asking.

    Turn up in a jacket, shirt and tie, with a fresh haircut (including neck-shave) and cleanly shaved, as you would for your first day in any new career. If you rock up looking like a bag of sh1te, the chances are you will antagonise your DS which is not a good thing to do on day 1.
  5. hmmm its not quite the same, but at lympstone they like you to wear a shirt and tie. it goes with out saying though that you should bring trackie bottoms etc.
    oh yes, and if you can bring more kit than Arnold did in commando then thats cool to.
  6. Thanks, suited and booted it is then.
  7. I turned up in jacket, shirt and tie on my first posting.

    Received a very smart salute from the guard.

    The sense of humour failure on establishing my true identity was wondrous to behold.
  8. I remember looking across the crowded carriage on my way to basic, a guy (who i now know as Special Agent Sumner) was sat opposite. Dining jacket, vest, very loud bermuda shorts and slip on shoes. He went on (via Woolwich loony bin) to being discharged.
    His story was he was from Hereford checking that Reme Apprentice training was up to scratch, passing DS bits of paper with scrawled messages on it telling them to eat it afterwards, was told he had escaped Woolwich on a few knotted sheets!
    Top laugh, strange bloke and good attire.
    Middle of the road is the way my man. Dont turn up like a butler but looking like a member of Goldie Looking Chain aint gonna win you any votes! Smart pressed kit with a collar haircut, shave, shoes you will have plenty of time to wear a tracksuit.
  9. Glad you asked actualy, how would, shirt, smart jeans and smart trainers go down? (Not like running trainers, but smart casual)
  10. Denim is the devils cloth.

    Turning up in your Friday Night Fighting / Fooking gear is probably not the best idea either.
  11. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    You can either try it and find out, or you can take the advice of various people here who have a. been through recruit training themselves or even b. welcomed day 1 recruits and then trained them.

    As someone said above, you don't need to turn up looking like a butler, but you would be well advised to look like you had made a bit of an effort. It isn't going to kill you to look smart on your first day in the job and it will prevent you from getting an immediate black mark against your name in the DS's minds.
  12. turn up in a dress. a smart one mind. nothing too slutty ;)
  13. Dress up as Ali G and pull up outside the guard room in a car with music bangin full on, with all ya Bitches in the back seat and ask to speak to the head honcho of their crew!
  14. I ran a NCOs course recently and clocked all te chavs as they turned up in trackies etc. All the switched on lads arrived in collar and tie.

  15. Im going to be doing my 2day selection soon..Is it also wise to turn up at that suited and booted?