Stupid Question regarding Warrior Commanders

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by StabTiffy2B, Sep 8, 2005.

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  1. Hey guys. Lets get the Wah's out of the way, at the start.

    Had a debate (argument) with a bloke the other night:

    7 Blokes ride in the back of a Warrior. There are 8 Blokes in an Infantry Section.

    Do they fight with a man short or does one of the Warrior Crew (commander?) jump out with them?
  2. AI sectiond have 7 men not 8
  3. There's also the practice of a deputy vehicle commander who swaps with the commander in the turret when he dismounts.
    So you swap a bloke in the back for the one in the turret at turn round time.
  4. I take it that the firepower in the Warrior turret makes up for the section being one short?
  5. Lucky him - I would much rather stay in the turret!
  6. The sound of the big beast does it for me. I'd rather have a platoon of dismounts popping away at me rather than thirty tons of warrior moving at 50 K an hour, firing on the the move giving it rooty-toot on the chain gun (just for sheer comedy, scare the crap out of the zulus value) and doing a hard stop on my trench/grave.

    Rumble Rumble Roar.
  7. Sounds like you're getting a little excited there :?
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Presumably the comedy value being the non-stabilised guns just firing in wavy patterns....

  9. Oh yes there can be nothing better than watching the tracer bounce all over range, your gunner forgetting his "Marilyn Munroe Sucks Cock" three second burst timing mantra and instead getting his size ten diving boot firmly wedged against the firing peddle, link rattling down the chute, cases bouncing off the front decking.

    It may not be pin point accurate, rounds may not patter across the top of the sandbags but by feck if it scares me and I'm on the inside what does it do for the French as they await my charge?

    Get in.

    Stable guns is for tankies.

    Guns for Show, unstabilised electrically driven upside-down food blenders for unstabilised Infanteers.
  10. Unstable infantry?
  11. It's what made 'pink' the most popular colour on pre 1960's maps.
  12. That's the origional question answered. Now for another.

    How is the Section structured then? Is Charlie reduced to 3 men? or is there 2 Fireteams of 3 each with the Section Commander doing his own thing?
  13. Can someone answer this?
  14. well?