Stupid place to ask for advice but

this is where you all seem to hang out and I need a fairly speedy response

Can any of you recommend somewhere cheap to stay for one night (probably 2 rooms, 4 adults) in Southport?? Or are we better off booking travelodge in Blackpool and commuting??

I know i will get stupid answers as well but can some be helpful please?? :roll:
Dizzy, to save you running the sh1t-gauntlet, I've put this in the travel forum.
If thats you in your Avatar? I could certainly fix you up, I live in south not to far out of your way.
Try doing some of your own bloody reasearch
duty_cook said:
Try doing some of your own bloody reasearch
Dont you think I did that before posting?? I was after some local knowledge, anyway sorted now but thanks for your help duty_cook, if I can ever be of assistance, don't bother asking :wink:

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