Stupid Laws

A recent (largely pointless) poll conducted by UKTV Gold

Some of the foreign laws really are quite laughable to us, but may still be regarded rather more seriously in their country of origin. It got me thinking - how many military laws that we abide by daily are considered ludicrous to the general public? One that springs to mind is eating/drinking/smoking whilst wearing headdress - The more grown up soldiers out there observe this practice without question, but on the face of it it's a bit silly isn't it?

PS - The mental image of a pregnant woman pissing into a bobby's nipple in broad daylight will be with me for quite a while.
S**t I've committed treason... 8O

Another law which states it is treason to use a postage stamp upside down was placed in second place by those polled.
Afghan and JSP 398A. Didn't last long did it!

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