Stupid instructions and warnings

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by OSACIN, Nov 21, 2005.

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  1. Whilst reading the thread about Americans and their use and abuse of the Queens English I got to thinking about the stupid labels/warnings/instructions that they put on things to protect the idiots - ill start the ball rolling with a bottle of bar-b-q lighting fluid I bought from an American BX in Turkey which warned me it was flammable - what else would you expect bar-b-q lighter fluid to be.
    or am i missing something ????
  2. Tesco's eggs,
    labeled '6 eggs', has a food allergy warning label, 'contains egg'... there was me thinking they would be special quorn eggs or marzipan maybe.
  3. I like the sign outside a shop (sadly I forget where) that said;

    'Ear piercing while you wait'
  4. Warning: Product may be hot after heating.

  5. Tesco's......again. Packet of walnut halves, Warning, this product may contain nuts.

    I'd bloody hope so too!
  6. McDonald's coffee cups say "Warning, contents may be hot."

    Obviously, you'd expect this from a cup of coffee, but some old bint made a fortune off them before they added that caution.

  7. Packet of Baldiran sleep aid tablets carried the warning "Warning - May cause drowsiness"!

    Favourite ever.
    Tesco once again. Printed on the bottom of the cake packet. "Do not turn upside down".
  8. Just started to make something to eat and found,

    Tesco's 100% beefburgers Not suitable for vegetarians??????
  9. Argos electric fire, may become hot when operational
  10. Sleeping pills: Warning - may cause drowsiness.

    :? Well, one would hope.
  11. you cant beat the warnings on two flavours of crisps from walkers:

    cheese & onion - not suitable for veggies
    smokey bacon - suitable for veggies.....

    How stupid is that.......

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. On an electric mitre saw: "Warning, Keep hands & Clothing away from blade when in operation"

    On a bottle of propane gas: "Warning Highly Flamable"

    I say Sherlock how incisive of you......
  13. In a menswear shop. A sign said "In the Interests Of Hygiene, We Do Not Change Underwear"
  14. Now this one takes the biscuit...

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  15. Somewhat of a warning.
    Sign in shop window. "Wigs made from pubic hair". Why not come in for a clout on the head.