Stupid E-petitions

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ex_donkey_man, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. Having been sent a link for a good e-petition (has about 35,000 sigs) I was browsing through to find some stupid ones!

    I found these - (Granted most are rejected)
    Force Hairdressers to Register with the state as a fact of Law - e-petitions
    Hairdressers to register like doctors?

    Improve the ethnic diversity of One Direction - e-petitions
    To have someone ginger in 1 Direction boy band? Fucking fruit loop.
    Then -
    Give knighthoods to music band one direction - e-petitions
    Give One direction Knighthoods?????

    If you hungary -
    Free Subway On Saturday Mornings - e-petitions
    Free Subway's on Saturday mornings!

    And finally for a few of the animal lovers -
    petition to get sex attack laws on aminials changed to include more than just penetration with a penis - e-petitions
    It seem you can do most things with an animal, as long as you don't put your cock in it!

    Any other good ones?
  2. They better not pass that last one, how will i ever get by without violently raping cattle with my fist :s.

    Bunch of odd cunts
  3. start an epeition to ban stupid ones.