Stupid Civvy Job Titles


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Just spotted this 'Teenage Pregnancy Co-ordinator' post advertised. Instant thought - yeah, I could do that! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Given the current trend towards civilianisation with the MOD (e.g. cleaners and porters are now known as your 'domestic team') can anyone provide us any more examples of w@nk civvy jobs titles, maybe a post within your organisation, or one you've seen advertised.

Stick 'em all on here, so we can point and laugh at the silly civvys!!! :D
Teenage Pregnancy Co-ordinator
Link to newspaper job ad
Organisation: Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

Location: West Midlands
Salary: £34,746 - £43,011
Date posted: 26 Apr 05
Closing date: 11 May 05

Could do this job no probs:

Fcuk off and get an abortion and next time use a condom, silly little girl :lol:
Particularly liked-

If you are focused on "performance delivery" and committed to "providing a high quality service to vulnerable young people" at risk of social exclusion, we would like to hear from you.


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