stupid buys

longhaired Sunray just bought a fcuk off big paddling pool( it holds 2825 gallons)
it took 16 hours to full and it takes up about 90% of the garden.
within a two days the water has gone green, it stinks, and the kids are bored with it. It is the most stupid thing she ever bought( less the electric hair plucker). what is your worst ever buy?
PS the fcuking dogs keep p1ssing up the side of it.
Take it you dont live down south with the rest of us thirsty gets then?????
I do
but believe it or not you can't water your garden but you can "fill or top up a swimming pool" that information came in a leaflet.


a fcuking bubble mechine for the dogs.
as seen on tv.catchin the bubbles.
my 2 fcuking dont.
My marriage certificate, now thankfully obsolete. :lol:
the pool or longhaired Sunray?
I was going to blame to much cholrine in the pool
my missus brough a gas barbecue, said it was a "really good deal"
she didn't take into account the gas cylinder, connecter, it cost a fortune!!!!
silly ass
I bought 'The world's smallest radio' which fitted in your ear. Great for jogging I thought. All I could pick up were fecking AM frequency Asian channels!!
daleRoch check your PM's for advice on your green problem

My fecking medal block, judging by the shoit in here.

My worst buy? Threeway with 2 nigerian camelherders in club 35. Could hardly see them and it felt like being battered about the head with a net-bag full of old leather footballs. 100 euros. Rubbish.
My worst ever buy was a cheap ball pein hammer from B&Q...

The last time i answered the lords calling to rid the street of scarlet whores, imagine my embarrasment when upon the third full blooded thwack to the toms bonce, the head of the hammer flew off into a bush, and i had to finish my work by doing the "la kookarachah" on her swede...

Go for a drop forged one piece job every time.

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