stupid bets

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by nuttydriver, Sep 22, 2005.

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  1. a freind of mine just come back from william hill after putting a bet on that kate moss will collapse on the cat walk from a drugs overdose within a month
    has anyone done anything like this and have they won?
  2. Do you mean collapse on the cat walk from too much charlie or placed an odd bet?
  3. no just a stupid bet
  4. I will bet that the bit in her nose drops out ( septum, frenulum .....Bah can never remember the name!
  5. filtrum
  6. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'll see that bet and raise you her whole nose dropping off!
  7. That would make her eligible for a damn good skull fcuking :D
  8. Right first time !!

    Nope - The filtrum is the dimple like bit on the top lip just below the septum.
  9. Or a bowling ball as her modeling career is up sh#t creek!
  10. tried to place a bet on the Michael Jackson trial but Landbrooks wouldn't have it
  11. With all the money she's made over her long (sic) career (sic) I bet she could get stoned every day on just the interest for as long as it takes before having to spend goodness knows how much on plastic surgery and a long spell @ the priory. That lunatic boyfriend of hers is probably worth a few bob as well. Would that I had that sort of money now, let alone in mid-25's? Talent/celebrity - Don't get me started!! Grrrrrrrh!
  12. I've heard that a great bet is to challenge someone to stick a lightbulb in their gob and then remove it. Although I've never seen it, it's apparently impossible and you have to go to the hospital to get your mouth numbed and the attention of some laughing doctors.

    Sound unlikely? Try it and let me know how long you had to wait in casualty department. Or challenge someone you don't like.
  13. Having several nurses and ex-nurses among my friends ... the removal of things from orifices is considered almost enough to make up for the assaults and shite wages.

    Best? story to date was the guy who turned up at an edinburgh casualty with a jam jar wedged in his rectum.
    His tale of woe: He had been decorating in the nude and had slipped and fallen from the ladder onto the jam jar! (Yeah ............................... Sure!)
    They had to smash it to remove it! You may now wince in sympathy and then roll around laughing.
  14. My cousin is an A+E nurse, and had a young lustful couple arrive in A+E lookng sheepish, for htose of you of an experimental nature:
    Smirnoff bottles, WKD bottles, VK bottles, can all be used as Phallic love toys, but Reef bottles cannot, as the swirly design on the outside creates a vacuum that requires a hammer to break it out.

    Stupid bets? errr I once bet somebody I could snort more salt than them? winner got a pint. He snorted 2 entire salt pots, I bought him a pint and laughed all night, WINNER :D :D :D :D

  15. kate moss - once a very hot young lady now a bit of a minger on crack with a horse of a fiancee....

    ......does that help?