Stunt Rider Takes A Fall

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Counter-Bluffer-Ops, Jun 4, 2012.

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  1. "The factory worker, of Newton Heath, Manchester, believes the man and woman holding the lead did so in revenge because he was riding the motorbike where he shouldn't have been."

    Tough shit, whats the odds on it being an untaxed bag of shite normally being ragged around a council estate with 3 teens hanging off it without licenses or helmets at 02:00hrs whilst off their tits on cider and skunk?
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  2. Another ARRSE thread linking to a Daily Mail article, really?
    Why not just comment on the Mail article?
  3. Any comment would require a link to the article so that people would know what the OP is refering to.As is often the way with these things,someone would ask for a link anyway.
  4. "They could've called the police and they would've moved us on," he said

    The **** knew he was in the wrong. Tough shit.
  5. Nearly garrotted?

    Opportunity missed?

    Grey Power!
  6. Doesnt look like a field to me, looks like a cart track, and since there are no visible signs up forbidding vehicular access, only a one bar gate, which may or may not be legal then I say he's got a case against his assailants.

    Not a very good case admittedly.
  7. This buffoon states the couple were holding the lead and on the path! How close to them was he riding the bike? The cnut got what he deserved.
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  8. The twunt was probably acting the big man and got chibbed good style for his efforts.

    1 he shoulnt have been there anyway.
    2 he was quite obviously being deliberatly intimidatory considering how he got took off.
    3 he's a fookin manc chav anyway
  9. How exactly is he a "Stunt rider"? Or did they get him as he crashed through a bale of burning hay? The White Helmet walt!
    Is this him and his mates popping to the shops?
    Royal Signals White Helmets 1 s.jpg
  10. I dont think we are getting the full story here.
    This bloke was on a bike doing 20mph, now I dont know what a bike weighs but the victim looks to be between 10-12 stone.

    And two middle aged ( in their 30's ) peds managed to garrot him holding a dog lead ? Really ?

    If I was the plod I'd be looking in A and E for two dog walkers with unexplained upper limb injurys.
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  11. I wonder if there is more to the story. i.e a history of nuisance motorbike riding on the land. We had similar problems on land near us recently with youths riding bikes on a golf course that is awaiting new ownership. To be fair,repeated calls to the local plod by residents seems to have sorted the problem, with the culprits being served with a fixed penalty and the warning that next time, the bike would be confiscated.
    The guy in the article sounds like a knob though. A supposed working father asking teenage kids for a go on their bike, I call tosser.
  12. Polar, they may have tied both ends to something fairly sturdy...
  13. So a premeditated attack maybe, not spur of the moment. Nice dog walkers, wonder if they have mobile homes.