Stunning Images From The Indian Space Program

Earth - where are you? Your wonderful country needs defending!
As expected, full of shxt but hiding when needed. No, actually he istn't needed because we all know what a twxt he is and how difficult he finds dealing with the truth.
PS. That also goes for the rest of the Indian contingent.

......yes she's cleaning out the bog by hand!
You see, this is the problem

a fcuking country where people can't even bother buying or making themselves a shovel to pick up shit with

its hardly rocket science, but with people so incredibly resistant to helping themselves, where do you even start?


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Nothing like getting your nation's priorities right eh:

......yes she's cleaning out the bog by hand!

That last one is the mens toilet in the Salutation in Billingham. I would recognise it anywhere
That woman is probably glad of the job. There's no dole money in India. No job means no income. Without that job, she'd be up to her neck in the shit .......

Sending kids up chimneys is one thing, but there's always some cnut who has to go one better.
This has got me thinking. Do Indians develop an immunity from nasties such as Cholera and Hepatitis? I only swam in sewage just the once and it nearly killed me (fucking Blue Flag my arse). These buggers are at it daily like... er... Tom Daley. Are these cnuts immortal or is there a mountain of rotting adolescents just out of shot? I think we should be told.
I have been looking for the figures but can't find them but I think something like 20% of the US didn't have an indoor toilet or washing facilities in 1969 when they put a man on the moon.
Still not great figures in the US. A lot can be put down to rural locations but a great deal of the people going without are elderly.
Look at the figure below for Alaska. Burrrrr. - Census: Fewer people do without indoor plumbing

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