Stun grenades

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Voltiguer, May 19, 2010.

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  1. Alright, bit of an odd query, but since I've not been on PDT/op tour but have been on training that's featured use of the 'red/green' system for FIBUA, can anyone tell me if stun grenades and the like are issued for use in Afghan/COIN scenarios?

    Basically realising that going in green is a lot different to the way I was originally taught FIBUA in 2003 (grenading every room, a lot of fire, presumably developed for conventional warfare against another army), it strikes me there's a bit of a gulf between red and green.

    Having something that would majorly disrupt any potential en giving you the window of opportunity to get in there and kill them, whilst not killing any civpop should there not turn out to be en in there after all, seems like it could come in pretty useful where you are uncertain of the exact lay of the land, threat level and so on. Otherwise to go in green when there is an enemy increases the risk to your own troops, and to go in red when there isn't is likely to cause civ casualties and not exactly help the hearts and minds effort.

    However, the only reference to stun grenades or flashbangs I have found has been with reference to UKSF and hostage rescue type scenarios in the UK, not to COIN in the current operating environment. Surely Inf/anyone who is going to have to clear buildings could benefit from this sort of kit, not just UKSF?

    Or is the use of Explosive MOE tantamount to 'stunning' anyone inside a building? Whilst after a demonstration at IBS I can see that it would definitely stun people in the vicinity, surely its also lethal to those too close to it and to perform EMOE on every building you were unsure of would be a bit over the top 8O

    Edited to add: Mods, if this is considered sailing close to the wind with OPSEC (reference to FIBUA?), please bin it...

  2. I used flashbangs and stun grenades playing modern warfare 2 a couple times. That count?
  3. RMP CP guys have 6 bang distaction grenades
  4. A gulf between red and green how?

    Red grenade in?

    Green Harsh language in?

    They use the L111 in the green role saves training up on a new grenade.

    Depends what form of emoe you are using to the effect on the other side.
  5. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    You only ever went in Red when you were 100% certain, guaranteed, with no doubt at all, that you were going to get shot at the second you went in. Bit of a double edged sword though, as why go into that situation in the first place? Why not raze it to the ground?
    Sometimes you're after a certain someone, and have to. In those instances, you either made a new door and went for it, or more commonly, gave them a Call Out. If they didn't come out, and you knew there were no civilians in there, you gave them the good news through the windows.

    However, there is again, a gulf between training and reality. As another thread highlights. *Shrugs*