Stumpy and the Auld Sapper

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by davidflies, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. davidflies

    davidflies War Hero Book Reviewer

    Pleased - very pleased - to announce that MLRS Books are in the last stages of preparing to publish the complete and unexpurgated account of the story of "Stumpy and the Auld Sapper." We have the text and photographs and are now doing the final edit of this sometimes hilarious account of a dog and his handler in Northern Ireland during the now not so recent troubles. I have never read anything quite as good, and the story is full of anecdotes both serious and completely insane!
    The author (R.E. dog handler) and that amazing Labrador got up to some quite alarming antics as well as doing a very good job - and the story is told from the point of view of the dog really - I have never read such natural writing and it is one hell of a good read; at times when reading it myself I actually burst out laughing - which I haven't done since I was a boy (when little things pleased me). This is one hell of a story, told with typical humour, and it is a human/canine story which is just bloody marvellous.
    Publication will be within 6 weeks from today (24 April 2012) and anyone wanting to buy it should keep an eye on our web site at MLRS Books (Google it). If you want to reserve a copy email us through the web site.
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  2. It's with his consent?
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  3. davidflies

    davidflies War Hero Book Reviewer

    Yes Auld Sapper seems quite chuffed that the story is being published - even by a small publisher like us.
  4. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Stumpy died some years ago you heartless bastard. So he is not really in a position to give his consent, is he?

    Jesus. Some people.

    Look forward to the extended version of the thread somewhere here.
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  5. I'll definitely buy a copy.
  6. Hush Kitty, get the dinner on or your lass 'Ill give yer a crack.
  7. About bloody time.
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  8. Is that the story from "Kin'ell been bit heavy in here"?
  9. Please consider auctioning a signed copy or two for Hols4Heroes.
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  10. Hahahaha try harder.
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  11. davidflies

    davidflies War Hero Book Reviewer

    Monty417 - I will get in touch with the author and put this to him - I think it a great idea
  12. Cheers.
  13. Great news, The original thread was one of the Funiest thing I have read for years,

    RIP Stumpy
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  14. Are you taking pre-orders or will we have to take our chances on the first run being sold out?

    edited to add:

    Yes I'm a twat and need to read the original post properly before asking bone questions!
  15. davidflies

    davidflies War Hero Book Reviewer

    SecurityGeek - we print to order anyway and will be working on the number of pre-orders we get plus some more - but if you email us through the web site we will make sure your copy is printed in the first run