Stuffing big birds

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by EX_STAB, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. I fancy a good goose for the weekend but am not sure about technique.
    Small birds I usually stuff from both ends but I haven't tried it with a big bird before. Should I concentrate on the breast or go in from behind and really pack it in?

    I'm sure someone here has experience of stuffing big birds and can advise.


    Ex STAB
  2. you have to roll them in flour......

  3. Oh I thought you'd got round big bird EX-Stab and in a kiss and tell fashion was going to post your best pics..

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  4. When i am stuffing big birds, i remove all dead skin with a wire brush and detol, you really need to pay attention those folds of skin that harbour all sorts of minging Big Bird skin complaints, you need to start stuffing from both ends, pack it in hard as they like it hard.

    Heres one i done earlier

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  5. First, catch your bird.
  6. Just as when stuffing a fat woman, it is best to work your hand in under the breast and pack the stuffing there. Goose remains moister when roasting than a turkey but a spoon full of cream cheese inserted whilst stuffing often helps with the moistness. Exactly like stuffing a fat woman.

    Don't put stuffing in the cavity as it may not cook properly and you might get an infection. Just stuff a lemon, some grapes or an orange in the cavity. Do the same to your goose as well...
  7. I always think of that Mr Bean Sketch where he is trying to stuff a king size Turkey
  8. I think I can reasonably represent myself as a subject expert in this regard. See Cads "Fat Grenade" thread for details.

    As a serial Fat Bird stuffer I find it is important to select the correct bird. Only hens will do! It's no use asking the butcher, check them out yourself. This is not easy, as the adams apple is hard to see under yards of fat. Carry out the scratch and sniff test thoroughly and check the general area for unusual: scar tissue, appendages, para blood group tatoos etc.

    Before you even got to this stage you should have basted yourself liberally with alcohol for several hours.

    Now check the stuffing, it needs to be firm. This is not always easy to achieve, some valid tips can be found in the most unexpected places, I find Christine Aguileras videos are quite helpful on the subject. Real chubby fans might try Nigella Lawson neading bread dough does the trick.

    The correct method for insertion of the stuffing is a very personal thing. I find that insertion in the neck-end has the best chance of sucess. It always works for me!

    More traditional stuffing at the rear of the bird can be difficult, the problem is one of reach. Large flabby over hanging fat from the, erm, drumsticks and parsons nose can get in the way. It is also easy, due to folds of fat, to use up the entire "stuffing" without getting any of it into the bird.

    Afterwards let the bird cook for about 1/2 and hour on a hot stove, they are usually good for a breakfast.

    Then bin her!
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  12. Always remeber that to ensure a thorough roast calculate weight including stuffing.
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