stuff youd think was classified.......



Ok, unless you have a death wish i guess you're not going to break in but this stuff would surely be "sensitive"?

Don't want to encourage the highlighting of possible weakness in security measures you may be aware of so please,.....if in doubt.....make a cuppa!
At last. Now I can plan the most audacious burglary in history. Now where did I leave Osama's number?

To any spooks watching its a joke (crap I know but a joke none the less).
I think the press may have a shrewed guess as to the location of the "Press breifing room".
Go to

Go to Washington DC, then find the White House. Flick between the Google Maps view and Microsoft Aerial views.

Apparently the Microsoft views are more recent as some tress appear to be larger etc than the google ones.
SparkySteve said:
Yes, having the knowledge of the positioning of the Stables will be a great asset to my planning.......
Are you going to do a 'Godfather' on George?
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