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This morning while trying to drive into my local town I was stuck in a traffic jam that was borderline gridlock. Fine take the rough with the smooth. Sit and listen to the radio etc. etc.

Anyway the music finished for the news (well they call it that) and the lead story was about Gordon Brown stating that Brittish Forces are making progress in stan. Chav mong behind me wound his window down leaving 100s of dBs drowning out the story. Again take the rough with the smooth.

Reached over to turn the volume up just in time to catch the tail end of the story about the three most recent deaths from 2 para (taking the total to 100). The news reader read part of a statement by the 2 para CO, "lootenant colonel...." I didn't catch the name because I was actualy shouting and swearing at the radio.

Has anyone else had a sudden attack of temper over something that "most people" (insert useless civvie cnuts if you wish. I however still fall in that category...) would find a minor irritant, or may not even notice?

I open the floor to the latest moan thread 8)
You are so very typical of people!
was stuck behind some old fart doing 10mph on a 40mph road yesterday, got a sudden attack of the rage at the one!


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squiffy_parsons said:
Civilians grip my shit.
Do they manage to get a good firm hold on it? Or does it run through the fingers?

Squaddies pee me off. Keep bothering me while I am trying to read the paper, read ARRSE and listen to Motorhead.

As for road rage; I got stuck yesterday behind some doddering old fart (younger than me) doing 85, and it was ages until there was a gap so I could get past.
Every other bugger on the road into work. Why can't folk make their bloody minds up?
smartascarrots said:
Every other bugger on the road into work. Why can't folk make their bloody minds up?
Road! Road!!! At least you have roads to drive on, they are digging up every single one round here, diverting diversions...

...and relax :meditate:
People. No specific social group, ethnicity, political party or religious collective. Just people. All people. I hate you all. Die.
arby said:
mediumwhiteamericano said:
Pendantic people do it for me
I think you'll find its spelt PEDANTIC.
I think you'll find its is in fact, it's .

Pet shit gripping item No.2

Stupid, ridiculous rows that flare out of nowhere.

Pet shit gripping item No.1

Stupid, ridiculous rows that flare out of nowhere that are then fed by fcuking wastes of skin who have fcuk all to do with the situation, but can't resist shit-stirring . The more they can do to really fcuk things over, the happier they are.


I feel so much better now :D
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