Stuff in food in training

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by chumpycheeks, May 4, 2007.

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  1. I started tranning ths week. Its ezier than i thort it would be; grandad's survival tranning tips have helped lots. but one of the instructers tolld us that they put stuf in the food to 'serpress our oorgies' (I fink that what he said).

    Is this true? If so, i may have to reconsider. my cat needs me firing on all cylionders.
  2. yes it's true...they include an additive that reduces chav like behaviour, and vastly improves spoken and written english.

    Also, how and why have you got internet access at 0932 in the morning if you're in training?
  3. It's called Bromide. Not sure how true it is though.
  4. Its 100% true, and reduces sexual and aggressive urges in males. The Navy has just started using larger doses of it in their food - witness the cockless display put on recently in the Middle East.....
  5. No ned to be narsty to sumone who has joyned to make somefink of themselfs - I read Andy Mcnabs book (he is my heero), and he did the same thing to get out of a trubbled start - so wat if my speelings bad? I have joyned to KILL for queen & cuntry.

    And I am on heer cos I tore a ligament beating everyone else in the big tab at the end of week one - Grandad told me to make sure I dominated fysically from the word go, so I did. But now I have a day off sick before teh bank hol - we get tehm now, yu now.
  6. Lumpy, Stoopid - thanks for teh sensible answers mates. I knew not everyone would be an arrse here. is there anything i can take to reverse teh effects? my mates outside can get me almost anyfing i want - got to be carful typin that in the med cen - Ha Ha!
  7. You need to eat food which will counter the effects of the bromide.....Try a google search to find out the best/what you like, but they include things like chocolate, crisps, fizzy pop...Stuff thats been processed and contains translucogenic fats are best, as it bonds to the bromide, then you poo it out.....
  8. The bromyde is wurst.

    Do yr bod a fava n spnd all yr mny in NAFFI whr thy dn't put anyfink in the food includ anyfing what mite b vaguely nutritional.


    Edited bcos im a mong spllr
  9. Bromide in ya inexpensive way to get "brewers droop" national service days....
  10. Jeezus Lyts - I throt my spelling was bad - yu is like outraggeous m8!! Is that teh name of yur owl then? He's cool - althogh my cat would have him..
  11. fnd dis on wb.

    Strix is culer thn yr cat

  12. another great chimpy post! Nice. Always good for a laugh. the 'grandads survival training' bit, genius!

  13. Stella Artois?
  14. no chance m8: I hv sn me cat take wols b4 - he uses a sort of bluff 'n 'cuff techhneek: he lyes on his bak, showing the soft downey fur that looks lik a kitten, or a field vole (a big one, to be true) to the nite sky. wen the foolish hunter on winggs of silence swoops, finking he has a new meal, teh cat reverse flips to his feet - like when they fall upside down and turn over, only sort of in reverse, if you getit. At this point teh wol is committeeed, and as his clors of deaf hit the patch of grass were the soft fur was, teh cat pounces on his neck, and its game over. Anyway, no dis, but I fink you made that 'quote' up. How could a wol ever carry a cat off? its like half the body wait - doesn't make sense on teh physics side of life.
  15. its a ******* bg wol