Stuff for troops

Have just taken some boxes to local post office. Clerk weighed them and said too heavy - 2kg weight limit applies. So, I will have to split them up into a number of smaller boxes. Where is the point in this - if the boxes are to be transmitted the overall weight is the same. Surely the handlers are able to carry weights in excess of 2kg without fracturing their limp little wrists. Suppose the limit is for fairness when they get round to the 'see who can throw the furthest' game.
I bet they don't weigh the body bags when they send the poor buggers home?
Mrs WW and I went to the post office on sat, we had 8 boxes of correct weight to send. The jobsworth said there was a limit of one box per sender, I went off my head and made a scene about it, nearly got thrown out . went to a sub post office and was able to sent remaining 7. I am still angry about it WTF is wrong with these people ?


I had simalar happen to me... had 9 boxes sent down to us from various family types and because one was 2kg 5g instead of the 2kg limit he charged them £7 postage and put it in the oversize freight pile so it comes down to me in the Falklands by boat rather than plane so with my rough calculations, October 17th boat gets here December so I might get it in February, all for the sake of 5g. Little twat also tried to say free postage didn't exist till they showed him the email we got about it down here, and then decided to only take one box behind the counter at a time just to make sure the queue get extra specially long to piss off as many people as possible that day.

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