Studying whilst doing Maritime CP

Im probably going to be signing off in the next year or so, so to that end Im busy hatching my plans atm. The course of action Im leaning towards is to go on to Maritime CP, however Im also looking at doing an Open University degree (Bachelor of Arts (Security, Terrorism and Counter-terrorism)) in my spare time on the boats. Has anyone who's already in the industry have any experience with people studying in their down time? Is it feasible, with the pace of work/access to the internet for assessments?
I'm doing an OU degree at the moment & had to decide pretty quickly whether my work or studies should be my top priority. Studying won & I've cut my hours down at work. If you want to do well with your degree, working slightly less than full time hours is the way forward.

Good luck with it!
Probably not, given that you'll be working any one of about 6 different watch/shift patterns. As for internet, most ships have satelite internet and are limited to 15-25gb access a month which generally gets used up pretty quickly and I would expect that it will only be for the use of the crew, as your company will have to pay for access to it which aint gonna happen.
Spanish - I presume you are a bootneck, and/or you know someone in the field already. There was a thread involving Fally a while back which basically said that you've probably missed the boat (as it where), especially if you're 12+ months out from going for work.

And you'll pay (quite a lot) for access to the internet at sea, especially as you're not complement ship's company.
Nah, Para actually, but I do know a few blokes in the field tho. Not the most encouraging news in the world :p .
Someone pointed out on that thread that Maritime work is quickly becoming just another commodity for the ship-owners to sort out. I've no doubt that some generally competent "3rd Worlders" are bidding for work on about 1/100th of your wanted "pop-star" wages. Add in the fact that you know the square root of **** all about the maritime, plus the fact the shipping industry is probably one of the most cut-throat in the world, and you might want to think about a Plan B for going outside. But, on the plus side, if you did get to sea, you'd have plenty of botty-sex if you wanted it!

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