Studying the Daddies....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tuffy52, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. fu2

    fu2 LE

    Prisoners have sex in prison ? with each other! disgusting. Double dose of Bromide in the tea and the problem is solved.
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  2. We used to pad them up together if they were having a relationship, unless they were troublemakers.
  3. My twin brother, mudbutton has sent the BBC a suitable response.
  4. Male rape in The USA is 4x more prevelant than M/F rape thanks to the prison system.
  5. I believe their gaols are quite rapey. I don't think my delicate balloon knot would cope well in a US boob.
  6. You'd have thought that by now they'd have started issuing their lags with soap on a rope.
  7. Buggered if I know.
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  8. Ive always thought that prison would not be so bad if you were gay , the current system is discriminatory against hetro`s.
  9. AAGF


    Bring powdered soap - it's harder to pick up in the shower ...
  10. It has always baffled me how an otherwise civilised country can have such a barbarous anarchic penal system. Have I misunderstood this or is rape by AIDs infested lags a routine feature of US prisons?

    Why don't they just shoot their petty criminals in the head or feed them to lions? It would be more humane.
  11. Bahahahaha! :)
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  12. Because as my evil twin mudbutton told the good people at the BBC, violent male rape is character building. It should be encouraged at every opportunity.
  13. fuck that!!
    If ever I go to disneyland (very unlikely) I shall jolly well make sure I behave and not get into any trouble, I wouldn't want my botty looking like british aerospace wind siree.
  14. As always on this forum there is a bone fide expert lurking in the wings - D Wing actually.

    PM the user Biped as he is well versed in this practice after serving nigh on 2 years in prison at present.