Study says racists and conservatives are thick as two short planks

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bushmills, Feb 4, 2012.

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  1. End piece conclusion mentions 'ideologies' without distinguishing between left/right politics. This makes me wonder about the article as a whole. I would like to know who funded the research.

    It does occur to me that the less intelligent might not be as good at lying about their core values as the more intelligent, can anybody really know what a politician 'believes'?
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    Did it happen to mention which denomination the Pope adheres to?
  3. Auld-Yin

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    He's a Wee Free of course!! :)
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  4. No, but something about defacation, forestation and bears I think?
  5. I thought it a tad odd as the metric used, innate intelligence is considered by some to be a right-wing notion itself.
  6. Entire paper here if you can be bothered to read through it.

    Bright Minds and Dark Attitudes
  7. Judging from the rest of the site, lefties with an unhealthy dose of conspiracy-theory wingnutism. All the study seems to show is that right-wingers have a better grasp of PR.
  8. seaweed

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    Please re-title thread 'Left-wing study ...'
  9. What concerns me is that they have had to make the study, its blatently obvious......
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  10. Why?

    It's an independent university study.

    Theres plenty out there giving the lefties a kicking, is there to be no counter argument?
  11. I am not a socialist. I just believe in fairness and there is a difference. The problem you get is there is stigma if you dont like tories, you are immediatley chastized, its laughable.....
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  12. What a load of lefty crap. People from all over the world are racist and left wing (the left wing working man is far more likely to be prejudiced than the fat cat right wing factory owner). Some very intelligent people are very racist just as members of the UAF are thick as mince.
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  13. Also, if you take a moment to read the moronic counter arguments in the comments section, I'm more inclined to agree with the authors.

    I do wonder why they so strongly believe socialism is the same as fascism, when it just isn't.

    The way they often lump Obama, Communists and nazis into one group certainly proves to me they have no idea what they are talking about. The two ideologies are on opposite sides of, to be fair quite a small political spectrum, but loathe and despise one another.

    If nothing else this surely displays a hint that the comment makers have a very poor grasp of 20th century history.
  14. My bold.

    nonsense. Utter nonsense based on nothing.
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