Study notes for CPL (H)

Chaps, for fear of piddling off non-aircrew related guys such as FABLONBIFFCHIT, (and yes mate this is a thread started by a pilot, and no i'm not an ex bowser drivver, unless you call Chieftain or Challenger a bowser??) i'm enquiring as to whether there's anyone who has got any study notes or links to websites that would help me study for CPL (H) prior to doing the groundschool & exams in a few months time. The bridging course is beyond the hours scope for me, courtesy of flying lynx with the oh so illustrious spares back-up. Any (constructive) links/PM greatly received thanks.
I dont know your situation, but from my point of view having done the ATPL course, I wouldnt bother doing the CPL if I were you. Not much difference in work required, same price, will save you time and money later if you want to gain ATPL.
As for pre-study - dont waste too much time. The distance learning courses on offer are excellent, so just ring the school of your choice, give them a credit card number and start your course. Once you get underway you will find it is not that bad!
If you're worried about lack of hours then speak to the guys at the CAA, not the girlies who answer the phone, get in touch with the actual fellas who deal with military>civvie accreditation.

The hours requirements can be a lot more flexible than those stated IIRC.
Thanks chaps, i must admit though, after all the dicking about with work having to attempt 14 exams instead of 9 is a bit of a mare. Plus NZ work only really needs CPL - at least that's what i been told.

Sam, you ex 4RTR by any chance??
SamCaine said:
20NOV1917 said:
Sam, you ex 4RTR by any chance??
How did you guess? :headbang:
Saw your posts on the RAC forum, I'm ex 3 and 2, you might see my posts on the 3RTR thread. Where you work now - and do i have to get my heels together when i talk to you?? :salut:
20NOV1917 said:
.. and do i have to get my heels together when i talk to you?
That'll raise a few laughs around the Corps. Never in a million years :yawnstretch:

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