"Study Entitlement"

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Jip Travolta, Jun 21, 2008.

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  1. Is a SNCO 'entitled' to a spare room in a quarter for use as a Study (over and above the normal entitlement) or have I been fed shite yet again?

  2. I believe that as a SNCO you have more than sufficient to your needs.
  3. I mean quite what it says: as a SNCO you already receive far more than you are entitled to, and it shames you to ask for more.
  4. Jip: the answer is 'No' unfortunately.

    Happy to dig out the relevant blahblah from JSPs if you need it, but it's definitely a 'No'.

    (As checked by Mrs Prox - a G1 ninja)
  5. Well, thanks for your wisdom there - it puts us all to shame. :roll:

  6. No worries - happy with that. Feckin' rumours and pish - I dunno! :lol:
  7. what utter bollox, I take it that you have been passed over for promotion.

    Please explain as to how a SNCO receives more than he is entitled to.

    When I was a SSgt my MQ was a pokey two bedroomed affair with a very small combined living room/dining room and my backyard was 6 feet long, anyone who has lived inside RMAS will know the houses that I'm talking about. It wasnt until I became a WO1 that I even got a half near decent quarter.
  8. and as a jobless sponger you receive even more than you should be entitled to.

    Back on thread.

    I believe that you can ask for a larger SFA than you are entitled to, but if they run out of that size of housing you can be turfed out for someone who is entitled to it. (I know thats not the official wording, but its how it was explained to me by the housing office a couple of years ago)