Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TA_sig, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. Agh I give up on them, I am one and I despair! Posted a short entry on my uni message forum attempting to see if anyone is interested in joining the TA. Here's a slightly edited (to remove locations, names etc) version so far. It was a bit cheesey but so what?

    The responses:
    That last one pissed me off, royally.
  2. They’re asking for an ARRSE invasion, post the address.

    You know you want to :D
  3. I can't, it's a closed community which can only be read with an intranet log in, and posted to via a seperate account. Need to be a student there to post. It would also blow this userid wide out of the water (if that's not already happened) faster than you can say 'Your hat, my office'.

    If you have anything to say that won't get me banned then feel free to add suggestions. I've already educated them as to the fact we'd rather be at home drinking beer and shagging the wife etc but the elected government keeps us there.
  4. Dear TS,

    That is cold calling for you. You have to kiss a hundred frogs to get one sale. The 'Free everybody, llama loving, right wing Stalinist respect group', call their friends and try to be clever. After a few days they will have exhausted all their witicisms (if they haven't already).

    Please PM with the outline, I will happily suggest ideas.

    Nice idea.
  5. Right wing? Surely something wrong there?

  6. No, they just don't know what they are laking about. And anyway it is 'New Stalinism' - caring Gulags and equal Opportunities Pogroms!
  7. I really must get that keyboard fixed!
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Do you mean the typewriter ? :)

  9. Well I'm actually a bit surprised, have two people and maybe a third expressing some interest in the technical trades etc - and standing up for the forces. Also some lurkers watching the thread. Guess I just need to cultivate their interest now. Got some just wanting to know about chances of mobilisation etc - apparently there was some cartoon where they joined up for the summer and ended up fighting in a war as soon as they'd signed on the line or something.

    The way I put it: sign up with the intention of staying the summer, try complete or do as much basic training that you can. If you like it then stay in, if not then foxtrot oscar but thanks for giving it a go. You probably won't get mobilised without completing basic and trade training (which takes longer) unless the 3rd Shock Army comes out of retirement and makes a break for the students union bar.
  10. Stuff like that happens to me. Few years back when i used to be in the OTC (there was a large anti-war protest going on) was called "babby killer".
  11. I remember there being a big in town recruitment drive on the day of that massive (2million my arrse!!) anti war demo just before Iraq kicked off.. oh what fun.. bit of an anticlimax really all we got were the usual types!

    As with recruiting students, Iv posted my 2p on this on some other threads and basically concluded that the best and pretty much only way to get to them is at freshers fair. Otherwise any potentials feck off to the OTC, find it to be the pile of **** (insert own 4 letter 'description') then get fed up, leave and tar the rest of the Army with the same brush.

    If im honest had I not joint the TA 2 years before going to Uni then I would probably have made the same mistake, however it is good fun to say "im getting £1500 for my bounty and conviniantly just before I graduate. What are you getting? oh £100 something?" :) Should see their faces!!
  12. I'm thinking of getting a small recruitment stand set up near the end of term. Yes there will be exams a plenty coming up but if any of the students are going to hang around this summer, or be near our other squadrons then they will be able to get through their basic over the summer - before coming back on the local sqns strength. Additionally it will be a nice recce before doing a strong freshers fair swoop. That is the plan anyway.

    Fortunately there is no OTC based at my university, so if we get our act together we could get quite a few bodies. How do the OTC sell it? Might be worth trying their approach.
  13. Dear Msr,

    The thing with buttons with the wire that goes to the big box that makes clicking noises. I've checked the TV, but it doesn't seem to have any effect. I was given a pocket organiser, but it is no good, I just can't work out how to get the small change and keys in, though it does flatten hankies well.
  14. Green_Homer makes a good point - freshers fair will always be your best bet. OTC tend to have flash recruiting stands and dust off their most attractive birds for the day, so this often poses problems for recruiting. However, if you show up and put on a good stand then you will get the type of bod that you want. A good way to show up the OTC is to have a natty and VERY warry video of your unit on exercise that makes the OTC's lame attempts at Longmoor look like a schoolyard game of cowboys, lots of warry pictures and a good mix of soldiers present at all ranks.
  15. Try having a look at the Recruiting thread in the OTC forum.

    Basically, it's sold as an AT and drinking package, with pay and a little running around with guns. :roll: