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ARRSE Members,

First of all I want to apologise for my previous post. I very much hope that this one will be taken in all seriousness.

I have got sick of all the anti-military groups such as 'School Student's Against War' but I cannot find a single one for troop supporting kids. I have asked around and many guys I know who are under 18, do support the military but feel that they have no way of expressing their support.

I intend to start a new group called "Students Supporting Heroes" or SSH. I want to have the possibility of ARRSE help and I want a new chance.

The group will focus mainly on letting students (inc. Uni student's) voice their support of our troops, although people can join whatever their age. I hope that one day we will be able to march in London with our message that many young people appreciate what our armed forces are doing, even if they don't like the war itself.

I will be writing to MP's (particularly ex-military ones) asking for support and I will attempt to contact the MOD and senior military officers.

I need all the help possible in areas such as Web design, advertising, liaison, graphics etc.

Any ideas or help will be very useful


*EDIT* Facebook Group:

Go to for a trial download of Dreamweaver for your website, you can use a template so it's not doing pure html, will get you started at least. Use the free download of Indesign which is great for your flyers/programmes etc. While there you might as well have the free trial of Photoshop.

You could start off with a group on Facebook, see what response you get. Bebo and Myspace are also used with younger students to stay in touch.

ps. Not sure your group name is a good idea, bit similar to "Help for Heroes", which could annoy a few people.??
BuztyBabe said:
Not sure your group name is a good idea, bit similar to "Help for Heroes", which could annoy a few people.??
Hmm I see your point. I thought about 'Student's Supporting Troops' and 'Student's Supporting Soldiers' but SST sounds like a swear word and SSS could when glanced at, look like 'SS'

I'm open to any suggestions though
studentfeckwit said:
Sounds good mate, your past witch-hunts against teachers notwithstanding. :p I'm in.
Great! Do you have facebook? Try advertising it around your mates. When I get a web site & E-mail sorted i'll let you know by posting it up.

Great idea - but get rid of that obsolete apostrophe - it is useless in that context and won't gain you any points when contacting MP's etc - they'll be more appreciative of accurate spelling and grammar.
Maz I've taken a look at your Facebook group, there is one edit you need to make at the top you have put join by mistake.

The paragraph about marching in London....does all sound slightly Hitler Youth. I'd take that bit out for now. Get established first. Try to focus on what your aims are. Don't wait for students to find you, use the search facility. Make it a bit more visual, use more pictures, especially any you have taken yourself of Military events.

No doubt you will attract some negative attention. Respect, The Unity Coalition have reps who tout at Universities all the time. My best advice is don't rise to any bullying..if your group turns into a slanging match it will put genuine people off. Just delete, then block (after you have called them a cnut of course).
Thanks for the advice BuztyBabe.

I am delighted to announce that our group now has a patron:
Patrick Mercer OBE MP

Our Facebook group is already attracting members. Please continue to give any advice you feel relevant.

Thanks for the help so far


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