Students protest in London

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Dec 9, 2010.

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  1. Just see it on EuroNews. Harry Potter looking bloke with bleeding wound is escorted by a policeman.

    Do you support the protesters or not?
  2. Not the ones attacking the police. Also, are any of these fuckers British? A group of 4 being interviewed by some BBC bloke consisted of an African, an Arab, an Oriental and an Eastern European.
  3. I am going to be a student come next September.

    I think they have a point in that thats a big fee rise in such a short space of time and that this economic crisis has nothing to do with them (with most not even old enough to vote before the thing kicked off) and yet here they are being saddled with massive debts because of some scummy bankers and stupid politicians (Who, ironically, got their degrees for free). They are quite right to want to vent their frustrations.

    On the other hand, just about everyone is going to uni these days and thanks to that degrees are practically worthelss now- its no conincidence that theres a load of unemployed grads. If so many people want to continue to go to uni, its only fair that they pay for it themselves rather then expecting the tax payer to do it.

    Ideally we would have a big rise in uni entry standards so only those who actually deserve to go can go and those that want a 3 year piss up can go and get a job or some vital work skills or something. That would greatly decrease the amount of people going to uni, it would increase the value of a degree and it would mean that students wouldn't have to pay such a big fee (In fact, the government could probably realistically afford to let them go for free).

    But as thats not going to happen, I feel its only right for students to pay for it themselves.

    Also, all of this stuff about it unfairly effecting the lower classes is bollocks. If you are poor you get grants that you don't have to pay back, and under this new system if you are earning under £20,000 you don't have to pay anything back anyway. Its those who don't qualify for grants, but also don't have parents rich enough to pay for them that are going to suffer most (Hint: thats not the Lower Class). Also, many of those protesting don't even know the issues surrounding the fee rise. They are just protesting because they think it will be a laugh and because they want to 'stick it to the man'.
  4. Quote
    "African, an Arab, an Oriental and an Eastern European" Who could all be British.
    As for the OP I didn't care too much until they started to attack the horses.That's very bad.
  5. I'm just watching live picture on EuroNews. I see many boys&girls who look rather as English.

    A presenter on EuroNews tells that 3 policemen were hurt. Just I see a crowd that confronts the policemen. Oh, at last I see on blackskinned. Though others are definitely whites.

    On the first rounf 323 MPs voted YES. 302 - NO.
  6. I saw a couple of student 'interviews' on the Beeb.One female suggested that the money spent on wars,should be spent on students!! Is she doing PPE?
  7. It's interesting that the unions have paid for the coaches. The labour party gets it's money from where? Maybe I'm wrong and these students are paid up union members.
  8. Dirty hairy fat lesbian
  9. Bet none of them get done for trashing the place.

    Obv this is the way to get what you want - riot, deface statues of Sir Winny and throw fire extinguishers off the roof at people below?

    Where's the water cannon? Or rubber bullets! :)
  10. I see clashes. They are becoming more and more violent.
  11. Not judging by their accents, they weren't.
  12. Support the students?

    No. They aren't entitled to a free ride. If they want a university education, fine, but why should I pay for it?
    The students entire argument is based on the idea that they should be entitled to something for nothing.
  13. I wonder how Vladamir, sorry President Medvedev would deal with public order issues in the happy go lucky Soviet Union, sorry, Russia. Gay Pride march in Moscow anyone.
  14. All the way through the Today reports on the matter, not one mention of the fact that it is only English students that are effected, and as the Scots will chatge English students whilst their own and EU will be free not a mention of racial discrimination.

    As a slight aside, a Moneybox programme on Radio 4, was looking at the costs, if you were to save up all your pennies and pay the whole lot up front, to avoid interest charges, you would get charged extra for early payment!
  15. I saw the latter part of the speeches and the vote. Why did the scotch SNP's get to vote on the English /Welsh education system? I thought they set their own uni fees so why should they have the option to vote what happens in England?
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