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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cpt_Darling, Jun 26, 2008.

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  1. No I don't mean of the pubs!

    Im a full time university student, but I am wanting to get out on tour, roughly summer next year.Is the University obliged to hold my place if I am called up or volunteer?

    And before msr says it, I emailed sabre about two weeks ago and no reply!
  2. Seeing as the decision will be theirs to make, have you actually thought about asking the University themselves?

    I know, it's a bit obvious.
  3. One of the first things I did was fire off an email to them, however combine the fact that they are lazy buggers during the summer, and the slightly anti-military slant of my Tutor its been hellish getting a reply.Just seeing if I had any legal discourse should they say no.
  4. Take a trip in to see student services mate. If you make an appointmet to see them then at least you're guaranteed their time and you'll get the University policy on it. I'd ignore your tutor's bias. They should be keeping that sh*t to themselves, they're not paid to bring their personal issues to work.

    If I were you, I'd finish my degree first. There'll be plenty of time to go on tour after. Or is it a case of you just wanting to impress the chicks? You must be a right ugly f*cker if you've got to go that length to get laid in a University.
  5. Cheers Biscuits, Il have a word with them, see what I can do.

    The grand strategic plan is to go regular after uni, my thinking was my CV would look a bit better with a tour under my belt.Listen mate, if the f*ckin Rohypnol doesn't work then I don't see why the suntan will!
  6. Whilst I suppose taking a year out wouldn't do you any harm, surely you would be better off finishing your degree first? That way, you finish the thing, you finish it on time (and a year earlier than you would if you took time out for the TA) and thereby you can make it work for your Regular career sooner.

    My advice and it is only my advice (as someone who has done 22 and then went into Uni), finish what you planned to do and by the date you planned to do it. If you lose the momentum, there's a danger that you may not start again and that would be a waste.

    You can tour 'til your hearts content when your in. Have a good think about it mate. Talk to some of the senior bods in your TA unit. Speak to the lads in the ACIO if necessary.

    Medals are great, but they don't get you a job. Degrees do.

    All the best.
  7. Friend of mine studying at Leeds University got to suspend his studies for a year to go on a tour to Afganistan this year. The process should be the same for any other suspension of studies (financial/personal etc). The main question they asked him was whether he would be able to get back into his course after the tour since every he knew at University would have moved on.

    Good luck.
  8. I was in the 3rd year of my Engineering degree when I was called up for Telic 2.
    I contacted the uni while I was in theatre and they did their best to send me some work while I was out there.
    I managed to get back from tour a few weeks early which meant I only missed the start of the next semester by about a month and caught up quickly.
    Reading between the lines though, it didn't feel like they were obliged to keep my place open.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Sort your education first, then go on tour, Biscuits_AB is right.

    And why would I recommend that you speak to SaBRE?

  10. think it all depends when your unit is going away.

    a tour will take over 10 months, the army doesn't plan around your universities academic year so you may actually have to take off longer than you expect. finish uni first.
  11. Ditto - trust me it's damn hard to come back to uni and to studying after spending a year away from it running around doing fun stuff.

    Plus if you do a tour we both know you'll just end up the most hated person in your intake to RMAS because you'll be constantly boring people with your stories and opinions on how it's done in theatre!
  12. i want to do a tour too but i will do my last 2 years at uni 1st
    i dont think they are obliged to keep ur place open and ur paying for it so why not finish 1 thing before u start another
  13. Fcuk me, you are at uni?

    Hope you are learning English :wink:
  14. erm no actualy but i did do an A level in it
  15. Well, try using it on your computer, so you are not using 'text' speak.