Students on £200 a DAY in Basrah!!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Hootch, Feb 18, 2004.

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  1. We are in the wrong job

    Students (not graduates!) on £200 a day in Basrah. What suprises me is why they don't employ more locals on $200 US a month.

    So if you are a nice "white" student you get £200 a DAY but if you are a "dirty" Arab you only get $200 US a MONTH - how does this rest with the Stanadards & Values Statements of the MOD & Westminster University , not to mention the caring people at KBR?? An Equal Opportunities programme that lasts as long as it is economicaly viable I suspect.

    Finally - how about the poor squaddie, only person who would get more than these "students" would be the fcking Brigade Commander!

    Bet the MOD are p*ssed that the BBC got this one.
  2. Because you cant always trust the local interpreters a) their absolute integrity and b) to put over what you are saying in the manner it was meant to be said.

    Also, as with all things military, the armed forces are slowly being privatised, wont surprise me to find units 'sponsored' one day but commercial ventures :lol:
  3. I'm not surprised this one got out.

    Stay tuned for other stories of people making mega money in the Litter tray. :wink:
  4. Adir - good point, I would also say that inexperienced university students are unlikely to have situational awareness - I'd go for a local and thanks to the MOD, they are very cheap.

    My point is about policy - 2 people doing the same job but vastly different rates of pay. Surely this challenges MOD Standards & Values? Thing is, if we did this - massive witch hunt, but the Ministry can ignore it's own policy??
  5. Where did I leave my Belitz Arabic with ease book...! :twisted:
  6. Are they still handing out those next to useless arabic sheets to soldiers on Telic?
  7. This was inevitable given the lack of funding for languages in the Army over the past few years (or maybe more than a few). Now instead of having a pool of uniformed interpreters to choose from they have to scrabble around desperately for anyone they can find. And the irony is that the cuts in language spending to save money end up costing more in the long run - but that's someone else's budget so that's OK, to use MoD speak.

    In fact, I remember not so very long ago when the TA linguists/HUMINT world was so strapped for cash they weren't able to fund language training. How they were supposed to learn beats me or maybe they were just supposed to tap into the huge pool of fluent arabic speakers who can get security clearance and want to join the TA. (Note for readers, that was scarcasm - I say that as some very senior people seemed to think that that was a viable policy)
  8. I just saw this! It's a shocka! 200 Queen's heads a day plus all the stew you can drink=£36,400 for a 6month tour. There was a time when HM Spooks were recruited from universities with a quiet word from a trusted done over sherry&sodomy - but now, I see, our friends from K******, B**** and R*** are touring the halls of academe signing 'em up with bags o'cash. This lot clearly need a nickname - what about the Royal Profiteer Corps?
  9. Not that im condoning it but if you were at uni and got offered £200 a day youd take it!!

    If its what the MOD is offering then fair play I doubt if any went into a whitehall office and offered these services for that cost. So profiteers is a bit harsh

    Although mind you think of the cost for a year and put that against the amount that the MOD saved in that time from cutting linguistic training and i think youll find another MOD false economy
  10. Money aside I have read the article and have found that there are some benifits on having UK linguist doing the work she is doing. She mentions she is used to interpret documents and other written records. There is obviously a major security concern in letting Iraqi interpreters loose on classified docs and even the risk of them deliberately mis-interpreting them.
    Still. £200 a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FFS!!!!
  11. HLS

    HLS Old-Salt

    Quote "Her father said she would be based near her boyfriend Captain James Marshall of the Royal Logistic Corps, who she plans to marry this summer"

    ..........There you have it, she gets to keep her eye on the boyfriend and he gats a shag.............I bet he is well popular with the blokes :lol:

    oh..........and it looks good on her CV when she leaves Uni. :wink:
  12. Unless she gets killed that is.
  13. Haven't the Foreign Office or GCHQ not got some desk bound Arabic speakers who would jump at the chance of a bronzy for a nominal increase in the peenuts they get at present? The students could take their place for six months.

    With a Police Officer for a dad and a military boyfriend, Laura Culley is probably the right kind of student to do this sort of thing. Cynics would expect most Arabic Language students to seek work with the opposition.

    If this sets a precedent, I'll be learning Arabic, (sounds like a Jock speaking Dutch) learn to read funny writing, backwards isn't it? :?

    Miss Culley is a honey. :wink:
  14. yep and it wrote as if youve just boken your hand and cant really hold a pen :)
  15. This is not without precedent.

    I am currently reading a collected book of lectures interviews and articles by Richard Feynman. If he hadnt existed you would have to invent him...bongo playing genius quantum physicist.

    He was recruited to the Manhattan project from his undergrad course. One of there big problems was calculations. No pocket calculators, PCs Mainframes or Supercomputers. All done by hand or by mechanical calulator. He ended up running a team of engineers who were recruited from High School level to do these calculations.

    I dont imagine they were payed so much but the lesson seems clear. Just In Time doesn't work on skills shortages. High pay? Its just supply and demand. Remember the market is your the market.....the market loves you.....