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Michael Waterhouse a University of Salford Undergraduate student will be running seven marathons in a week to help raise money for the charity ‘Help for Heroes’ and Project Trust.

He will begin the marathon on Sunday the 23 January and conclude Saturday 28 of January 2011. He has planned the route out and will be taking two G.P.S units with him so he can confirm the distance that he will have covered each day.

He will be accompanied by his personal trainer David Donaldson, who will be with him throughout the entire trip. He will join him with the ascents up the mountains and will be cycling and running along side him as well as giving him the much needed motivation to complete his amazing 183.4 miles.

Says Michael: "My ideal time for each marathon completion is under 4.5 hours, adding a few hours for the mountain routes. The predictive temperature for late January is cold, very cold."

Inverness marathon
* Arrive in Inverness on the 22nd January
* Start Lochness marathon on the 23rd January

Edinburgh marathon
* Arrive Edinburgh late 23rd January
* Start Edinburgh marathon on the 24th January

Glasgow half marathon (twice)
* Arrive in Glasgow on the 24th January
* Start half Glasgow half marathon on the 25th January and complete twice

* Arrive late on the 25th January
* Starting on the 26th January
* 10k route up to summit and back to Wasdale
* Wasdale Head to Whitehaven

* Arrive in north Wales very late on the 26th January
* On the 27th January starting at the start of the rangers path complete
the 13 -16k route
* Continue on the North on the A4085 to Carnarvon

Chester marathon
* Arriving on the 28th January
* Complete the 2011 Chester marathon route

Marathon distance to the Hilton Hotel

* Starting from March Avenue to Salford university (9.1 miles)
* University of Salford to Salford quays (2.1 miles)
* Complete Salford 10 k (6.2 miles) quays to Manchester United
(0.7 miles)
* Manchester United to Oxford Station (2.5 miles)
* Oxford Road to Fallowfield (2.5 miles)
* Fallowfield to the Hilton Hotel (3.3 miles)

He has chosen, Help for Heroes and Project Trust because he has always been a supporter of the effort and the achievements that soldiers complete every day.

Michael told Student Life “I may not agree the reasoning behind the current conflict, nevertheless soldiers younger than myself risk there life everyday and do nothing but ask to be treated with the respect that they deserve. Instead they are let down by the people that sent them to fight”.

He hopes by running a few miles he will have the ability to draw a lot of people together that have completely different views on the war and raise money for the soldiers who are in most need of the support. Help for Heroes really go the distance and look after people who deserve it.

If any student or staff member wish to join him on any sections of the marathon just get in touch with Michael as he already has numerous brilliant people running the final marathon with him! So if you feel like running a mile or two or even more just let him know!

He has set up a just giving page so that you can donate:

michael waterhouse is fundraising for Help for Heroes

Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity and make sure Gift Aid is reclaimed on every eligible donation by a UK taxpayer.


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Top lad & hope he completes his aim


Only a scrounging student with nothing better to do with his time can manage to do that ;)

Get a real job FFS!


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It is quite late grandad, perhaps you should get yourself to bed. Or did you wet the bed again?

Did you not notice my little ";)" winky type thing? Perhaps it's your failing eyesight?

Good luck to the fella. Rather him than me. I ran a half marathon once, that was far enough.

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