Students- Not all bad! UCL Overturns ban on OTC/Millitary

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by HH_2, Feb 27, 2009.

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  1. Well looks like the sensible non-muppet students at UCL got themselves together and organised a special general meeting to vote down last years ban on the millitary in the union (i.e. OTC/UAS etc)

    Link on facebook here, don't know if any news sites are carrying it yet:

  2. Ace, well done students at UCL. Switch on a bit from now on though, ignorance is what lead to them being banned in the first place! Now then, lets get started on Sheffield...
  3. and northumbria,

    good on ucl tho.

    fackin students
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Steady ;)
  5. Sorry, that should have irony dripping out of it. I suppose that's the problem with internet anonymity.
  6. No doubt the lads in Helmand will be able to sleep soundly in their shell-scrapes now that this has all been sorted out.

    When will students realise that their opinions matter to no-one but themselves?
  7. msr

    msr LE

    That's not the only thing students have dripping out of them ... ;)
  8. Ahem. Tiananmen Square. Lots of French troubles at various times... 1968 for example... :roll:
  9. Well, as we live in a democracy all it takes it a determined few to mobilise the majority in order to change the country for the better and....

    ...sorry, I'll have to finish the post when I stop laughing.
  10. Not after they've been made airtight..
  11. About the time you realise that these students are[/i, despite what you might think, the future leaders of this country and the captains of industry.
  12. So young people's opinions don't count? Or just students' opinions? Considering they are the future leaders of politics, business and academia, I think their opinions count for a lot! I mean, who else tries to change things for the better more than students? :?

    Anyway, good on UCL, getting another one over the hippies! Fecking no-good layabouts with more of Daddy's money than sense! Is it just me, or could Viz do a "The Critics"/"Modern Day Parents" sketch on this?! I'd read it :p

  13. Pish, the students who are going to be future captains of industry are not the ones wearing luminous tights and tutus acting a little bit "maaad" for rag/freshers or having mass sit ins for Hamas.

    Like with any group tho it's the empty tins.
  14. Which changed what, exactly? Has the fall of Chinese Communism passed me by, perchance? Is France no longer a Republic?

    Student protest has never changed anything, except the participants' already rather full opinions of themselves. Student politics are laughable and the people who grow up to be the leaders of the nation have more important things to do than get involved in them.
  15. True indeed,

    but does that mean we should stop the from trying? Bless the little mongs

    (****ing too right when they're doing it on my taxes)