Students more important than service personel

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Silvester, Jun 28, 2005.

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  1. I have just been provided with info regarding how the dept. of Health prioritises the supply of vaccines. Apparently the decision has been made to make students a priority over service personel.

    This would explain the great difficulty a unit recently deployed overseas has had to fully vaccinate its troops. I have no real problem with students as such, but surely the risk from disease is far greater in downtown Basra compared to the student Uni!
  2. Soldiers - disposable nazi pigs
    Students - right on, lefty hopes for the future

    Surprised are you?

    Have a look at who made the choice, I imagine it will tell you a lot. :roll:
  3. It's not so much that they think students are more important, but more the case that the Armed Forces were forgotten.

    I am not sure which is the worse insult!

    For the record, our (military) Lords and Masters are taking steps to correct the problem with the vaccines. They have already been on the backs of the DoH and explained the Operational impact the decision has had, amongst other risks. They are also are trying to obtain supplies by a different route.

    As far as I know, there are only two vaccines that we are having problems with (not that even that is acceptable!) and they are the MMR and, I think, the triple-vaccine.

    Once upon a time, not so many weeks ago, we had a warehouse that was able to hold vaccine stocks......remind me again why it was such a good decision to close it?


    Ps The cynicism on this forum must be rubbing off on me...... :wink:
  4. in my oppinion i think everyone should be treated equally
    and yes i am a student
  5. I reckon the students need them more. Have you seen some of their digs? Give me a stage 3 NBC trench any day (with some other fcuker digging it though). It is probably cleaner and contains less tetanus/typhoid/meningitis/galloping dog rot etc..
  6. Lawstudent - of course everyone should be treated fairly. But when the manufacturers can't make enough vaccines to go around, then someone has to make a decision on priority. It isn't rocket science!

    Let me ask you a simple question......

    Realistically, who is most likely to be exposed to diphtheria /tetanus/polio -
    a) a student living in UK or
    b) a soldier who could be sent to any of the insanitary troublespots in the world at the drop of a hat?

    Now tell me why students should get priority over troops?

  7. If I could add my twopen'th, but this may be part of the cause:

    Students have recently "prioritised" due to the vast increase in cases of Mumps within university populations. The kids of that age had only had one dose of MMR, and we suddenly discovered they were susceptable,because apparently it takes 2 to immunise completly for mumps, (well you live and learn!).

    Because of the hastily arranged mass vaccination campaigns in Universities accross the country we are now also short of vaccine doses to keep up with the childhood program. We have had to import vaccine from the USA and also Germany to ensure correct supplys.

    Ironically there is more demand for MMR from parents now than at any time since the media scare about the link with autism! :lol: :lol:
  8. in my opinion you are a dullard- and yannie.

    Mumps spreads quickly around the Uni's.

    A few weeks before the end of term we all had to be vaccinated following our quaratine, due to one individual getting mumps.

    However yes, Service personnel should receive higher prioritisation of immunisations.
  9. As has been suggested elsewhere in this thread students are more susceptible to some diseases than the rest of us. I would guess that MMR is the vaccine in question as there is a large percentage of them unprotected against mumps in the 17 - 21 age group i.e. students The thread would be more valid if you were talking about yellow fever etc, however I feel you should consider a job as a Sun reporter ![align=justify]

  10. if i had to have the jab and a soldier was with me , i would let the soldier have it first.
    but another thing to think of
    with so many european and intentional students s coming in to the uk , our government should insisit on health checks first .
    paid by there governments
  11. This thread is just as valid talking about MMR! The age group you describe also covers a good number of our young soldiers who are just as much at risk from mumps as students in the same age range. The same soldiers patrolling in Basra as I type. I wouldn't fancy managing an outbreak of mumps over there - with pre-fever temperatures of 50C , shared accommodation and limited medical facilities!

    Where MMR is concerned then there needs to be parity between students and military. As it stands at the moment demands for vaccines for military personnel are likley to be refused whilst the jabs are given to university medical centres. As I tried to highlight earlier - this is more a case of the military being forgotten rather than a deliberate plot to alienate the Armed Forces!
  12. What university med centres?!! we'd be lucky if we saw a nurse who came in from the town to see us in halls... otherwise it's a nice long wait at a doctors surgery in town!
  13. Jez, having recently completed my second tour on TELIC in a role that involves preventing and investigating disease I am fully aware of the risk to soldiers health through lack of immunisation. My reply was aimed at indicating that a blanket statement that soldiers are being overlooked for vaccination as students are given priority is incredibly niave. Have n't you as a medical person heard on MIAs as part of a pre-deployment package which details minimum standards of immunisation etc. By the way how many cases of M, M or R have there been on TELIC ? I'll let you know. :lol:
  14. LOL

    Why do I suspect you are going to tell me that there have been no reported cases of M M or R on TELIC? :lol:

    But there HAVE been cases of mumps within troops at home. Vaccinations have been carried out, as necessary, to those at risk of contracting disease in these 'hotspots'. But now, worst case scenario, it may not be possible to

    a) vaccinate recruits - so increasing the risk of a pool of non-vaccinated individuals

    b) vaccinate in areas where mumps has been identified (and not talking about just one off cases here), although I would like to think that there would be some made available if there was another outbreak.

    And purleeeeese don't try and throw away quotes about MIAs...... I DO know what they are thank you very much! BTW - they dont tell you the minimum stds of vaccination - they only advise what risks there might be in any given place - actual decisions are based in the Mounting Orders or similar. But I digress.....

    I am quite aware that (whatever form is used) directions for minimum vaccination stds are issued - but if the vaccines aren't there then we cant give them! Do we not send the troops or do we send them without vaccination cover?

    I know, I know - I am being sensationalist - but at least it raises a debate and stops the boards from being full of inhouse one-liners :lol:

  15. Along with the great unwashed you mean!!