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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by trucker_smudge, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. Got a mate who wants to do a tour.
    Been told cant do it because of being a student is this correct!!!!!!
    Was planning on taking year out anyway.
  2. I'm not sure whether the rule is still the same but as I understood, it was this; Being a student in the TA means you can't be compulsory mobilised. However if you want to volunteer, you can.
  3. I'm a current student and this is exactly what i was told!
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  5. As a student in full time education you have a statutory exemption under the 1996 Reseve Forces Act to being compulsorily mobilised.

    So if your unit is pressuring you to go all you have to do is say " I am a student" and they will get the message- you cant be compulsorily mobilised.

    However I know for certain of students who have taken a year out from University and then arranged to get mobilised. As they aren't in full time education the exemption doesn't apply.

    There would be no reason this can't all be fixed up informally before you take the year out.

    If you were in an OTC you would have to fix up a transfer to a Group A TA unit that was either deploying or was prepared to put you forward for a general vacancy.

    In a briefing at my unit a couple of weeks ago one of the staff from APC made it clear that they were not encouraging students to do this as there had been some problems sorting out the issues involved. For example if the person involved gets injured and isn't fit to go back to university. There have apparently been cases where universities have got annoyed with the Army and the Army doesn't want to mess up the general recruiting effort which goes on in unversities and support for OTCs, so one or two individuals can go on ops.

    How much effect this has in reality if you want to take a year out I am not clear about. You lose nothing by trying.

    In any case how do they know if you have jacked in university or just taken a year out.
  6. When I did mine I was a student. I volunteered and took a year off
  7. I agree, it IS possible. A friend of mine transferred from one TA bunch to another iot do this last year as the first lot were not mobilising.

    Took a year off Uni and off he went.

    He loved it!

    Your call...