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Students journalists presented a calendar to Putin to his birthday


Such a man to everybody

How about the third time? (or the third term?)
In Russian there two possible variants of translation.

Forest fires were sloked but I'm still in fire

You are ther best

Drive me on Kalina. (Putin recently made an auto-trip in Russian Far East about 2000km driving Lada Kalina car).

May I be the second pilot (this Summer Putin sloked forest fires as a pilot of special plane).

Who instead of you?

With years you are better.

You are my premier.

I don't need the fire bell, I need you. (This Summer someone complained to Putin that a fire bell was removed from his remote village. Putin ordered to return the fire bell.)

I'd like to congratulate personally. Call 8-925-155-17-28


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I'll take the fourth and Eighth ones please Sergei: have them washed, boxed and fedexed by this evening please.
Top Prostitutes in Moskva!!
There exists an opinion that all women are prostitutes. Reportedly the girls are just students of Moscow university (future journalists) and the calendar is merely a joke.

Other sturents (from the same university, also future journalists) issued another calendar (with their names)

When Khodorkovsky will be freed?

let's forget about fools but roads? (a reference to a saying - there are 2 problems in Russia: fools and roads).

How inflation will influence bribes.

Freedom of gatherings everywhere and forever?

Who did kill Anna Politkovskaya?

When will be the next terror act.


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I like the way they don't care they have no democracy in that country, and how one of the 'oldskool' boys/oligarchs can resign from the KGB after peripheral involvement in a coup d'etat, go into politics as an 'officially impoverished' billionaire, come back as a rehabilitated golden child of Yeltsin, then become dictator of the state. Oh how they love his muscles, his quips, his human rights violations in Chechenya, Ossetia, etc and assassination of any and all critics of him. Hero of the Soviet Union.
May I be the second pilot (this Summer Putin sloked forest fires as a pilot of special plane).
What does the word "sloked" mean? It isn't in the Merriam-Webster English dictionary. :? An error in translation perhaps?

And yes it is good to be the king. :p

Sergey..... how about their e mail addresses..... I fancy a little bit of rectal glasnost with a couple of them!

I also have access to very sensitive information if that will help set the honey trap???

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