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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ollyblobf, Sep 1, 2005.

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  1. To anyone who knows,

    How do i as a TA officer at uni get my tax code reduced from BR (Basic Rate) to NT (No Tax)? The tax office keep saying that the drama is with Glasgow as for TA they only operate BR and NT codes. The problem is that i get stung for tax at 22% on each months earnings which as a student is making living rent etc a little hard to do each month. I know i can get my tax back each May when the P60 finally arrives but i could use the money i'm paying in tax now.

    Does anyone have any ideas.


    This was also relayed to me in a conversation with the tax office.
  3. Yeah i have heard about that but i don't work in the holidays. Its a job that i do all year round.
  4. Ok i'm a little tired, but i'll expand on the previous answer.

    Read forward from this page. It states that your tax is automatically taken and you will get it back at the end of the year. A few pages on it will tell you the same thing as my original quote.

    I'm also a student in the TA, I do survive on what i get without tax back (significantly less than you will be getting as an officer) and with a few hundred pounds worth of travel claims being held up by RHQ. All I can say is if the tax taken, which proportionally isn't that high an amount, is leaving you in financial straits the simple answer is to reduce your expenditure. Less beer etc.

    Although as i'm a student I'm shocked at the suggestion and will go give myself a good talking to. :)
  5. But Ant, you don't have to spend your hard-earned dosh on vital items such as pink cords and pimms. ;)
  6. Oh but he does, he also spends it on womens clothing - I have photographic evidence! He also has some of my boots, so I'll keep those photo's off the net for now. ;)
  7. Pimms yes. Cords no. Women's clothing, depends on the occasion :)
  8. 22% tax? Oh how I long to only pay 22% tax. My advice would be to consider yourself more than lucky to get off so lightly under Fuhrer Brown (vice Bliar). Bloody students.
  9. Have you heard of a publication called Territorial Army Regulations 1978, para 7.006 refers. Your PSAO and Fin Clerk should have been able to tell you the answer to this.

    How long have you been a student and in the TA and paying too much tax?

    Previous years earnings can be claimed back, speak to your tax office. Earnings this year to date, you will have to get back and the end of the tax year from your tax office, but as soon as APC have the paperwork you will be zero rated for the rest of this year.

    This has to be an annual declaration, so keep on top of your admin.

    Give your Fin Clerk/PSAO/RAO a kick *********** in that order.
  10. The route I've taken is filing a tax reclaim at the Revenue office as my paid income (SLC des not count) was below the minimum threshold. You need your P60 as issued from Glasgow. Just filed it this afternoon, so fingers crossed. Admittedly only about £100 worth but a useful lump sum in a few weeks.
  11. Alternatively, complete a self-assessment form which will allow a reclaim if you have paid too much.
  12. You need to fill in an IR Form, available from your TA Admin Office, at the start of each academic year - this is sent to APC, who will automatically stop charging you tax. However, any already paid, will have to be claimed back by you with your tax office.