Students charged under terror act

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Andyroo, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. Two teenage students have been charged in connection with an investigation into suspected terrorist activity abroad, police have said.
    BBC News

    Isn't it time we started deporting herberts like these? Personally, I don't care if they were born here and hold British Citizenship/passports etc. IMHO they have thrown away any rights to those by their actions.

    Comments please?
  2. If they're ofund guilty, i hope they get stuck away in a scummy little hole.

    I think banishment (sounds better than deportation) would be a good punishment, though they would probably just go and help terrorists abroad, though of course they wouldn't be costing UK plc anything then.
  3. Ok, where do we deport them to if they are born and bred in the UK?

    Which country is honestly going to take a pair of convicted terrorists (that is if they are found guilty)? I can't think of many, and those that i can think of are on our 'we can't send them incase they get tortured' list.

    We as the caring and developed country that we are, are screwed over every time.
  4. There are plenty of fundamentalist sharia based Islamic regimes that would be happy to receive new recruits I should think.
  5. does it matter where they go?

    just give them a bit of diftwood tow them out into the south atlantic at leave them there to make there own way back to land.

  6. And when they do, guess which law firm will sue the ass off the goverment for breaching their human rights (It shares it's name with a Hollywood action film, and has a certain Cherie Booth QC in their employment) :x
  7. Can we still "Banish" people? It does sound rather stylish.
    They are British and they committed a crime in the UK so they will be sent to Belmarsh most like (If convicted).
    Who wants to bet they downloaded the "jolly rogers cook book".
  8. Read that article carefully. There appears to be one incredibly important piece of information missing. Student terrorists -- the new threat, committing terrorism in the name of universities.

    I suppose it is rather like this terrorist plumber described by the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, who was clearly trying to acquire Uzis for fundamentalist plumbing activities.

    Does the BBC really think that the occupation of these people is more important information than the basis for their terrorism, i.e. the Religion of Peace TM? It is bias-by-omission like this which makes you wonder what else the BBC is trying to hide from us, and why. Or am I going to have to trawl the filthy, sordid depths of the BNP website to discover the whole story again, because the BBC doesn't like the truth when it conflicts with its left-wing weltanschauung?
  9. Agent Smith

    Is that a real T-shirt? Where can I buy one?

  10. Pardon my legal ignorance here....

    But surely BRITISH subjects committing crimes against the BRITISH government & people should face a treason charge?

    Like it or not, we are facing a prolonged WAR with Islamic extremism, both foreign and domestic, so shouldn't we start acting like it and come down a bit more harshly on the perpetrators of terror?
  11. No-one has been charged with treason in this country for decades. Even the likes of Phiby & Maclean were charged with spying not treason.
  12. But according to the BBC the terrorists are all plumbers and students :roll:
  13. No, there is not

    1- Nigeria (Have their own internal problesm)
    2- Iran (Shiite - so if you are AQ or Sunni - No )
    3 - Saudi Arabia ( Do you want oil?)
    4- Pakistan (Sharia lite but Musharraf would have to die and Osama becomes the new Qaid. )
  14. My wife who has a Visa can get thrown out for speeding FFS but if you actively supported terrorism its all kids gloves and dont do it again this country is beginning to P*** me off Am even thinking about going to the US of stupid its that bad.