Students bid to ban army (Manchester)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Apr 26, 2008.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    STUDENTS in Manchester have been slammed by war veterans for launching a bid to ban Britain's armed forces from campus.

    Recruitment officers from the Army, RAF and Navy would be barred from setting up stalls at the University of Manchester students union for three years under a proposal to be voted on next week.

    Supporters of the ban say it is "completely unacceptable" for the military to be allowed to recruit young people to fight in "massively unpopular" wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


    "There is a large officer training corps on campus that has strong links with the university. If this is successful we will be looking to the university to sever their links as well."

    The vote has sparked outrage among students who are members of the Manchester and Salford Universities Officer Training Corps, which is a branch of the Territorial Army aimed specifically at higher education students.

  2. This is still going on? Conscription for the lot of them.
  3. Talk about propaganda; censorship and using power to push your own point of views. Students have every right to information on a military career and withholding it is nothing short of trying to dictate those peoples lives.

    If the Military can't set up stalls inside the student union buildings then they should set up stall outside, at every entrance and exit, that'd put the wind up them mini-hitlers. Hitler after-all banned all non-nazi-approved societies, clubs and meetings, isn't that the same as banning the OTC because you don't agree with it? :x
  4. Well, the war, it's all our fault.

    Me, Smudge and Mick bored one dull afternoon in camp, nearly out of beers and fags, Smudge suggested we get out the block and do something a bit more interesting. Mick phoned the boss who said he had nothing for us so a bit of a jolly out in the wheels seemed like a good idea.

    Mick's car was low on fuel and the weather was nice so we decided to have a bit kick about, Smudge acquired some more booze and fags, the lads turned up for a kick about.

    About an hour into the game the ball burst so we decided to pack up and invade Iraq instead.

    By tea time we were sat outside Basra with the boss complaining he's missing Corrie.

    So there you go - it's all our fault, nothing to do with a feckin useless government!
  5. Feeling outraged?

    Here's the actual motion:

    When I was there we weren't actually allowed inside anyway, so we had to set up shop outside the steps, next to the Islamic Fundamentalist society, who always used to provide quality entertainment.

    I'm honestly not sure how this motion will prevent MSUOTC from continuing to recruit from the pavement, out of the back of a landie.
  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Personally I would ban Universities
    What actually do they do?
    Why does a degreee in post modern fag packets qualify you to fly a euro fighter?
    4 years study so you need a focus group to order a burger king - and no you can't pay for a mars bar with your fukcing visa
    Get rid bring back apprentiships if you want to be an army officer join at 16 spend some time in the ranks and move up
    Likewise with big bussiness start at the bottom and work up
    Otherwise you end up with a bunch of fukwits not dissimilar to the gang who are running the country now
    Jack Straw being a prime example of one who deserves our contempt
    Get rid, plough the money into something else never mind doing a 4 year history course to end up serving in toys are us
  7. Probably originating from the same misguided, ignorant and ill-informed bunch that managed to achieve the ban at UCL. The fact these muppets can't separate OTC (and UAS and URNU) from any other student organisation shows how ill-informed they are. They also think that we, in the Armed Forces, unilatterally decide to head off to wherever forgetting that it is people like Bliar and co that make those decisions and we simply carry out their bidding.

    All the vote at UCL has done is to remove about £800 from the Union which the OTC paid to attend the Freshers Fair; we can still attend as the Fair is held on College not Union property and the vote only applies to the Union building. Well done!! What a political master stroke!!
  8. sounds like the usual excrement that the Trots that 'run' the politics of students unions come out with...

    the big P politics of Student's unions is a prime ground for live organ donor recruitment consisting mainly of the brainless Trots that go on to become 'socialist worker party' activists ( if you are socialist workers why aren't you at work .... rather than haranguing people ) and those who wish to become professional politicians ....

    a lot of SUs have had bans of this nature ... most univewrsities however don't give two hoots , and come societies fair the Forces will be given space by the university on land the university controls but right next to the SU ...
  9. "It has been put forward by Andy Cunningham, who has a full time job as students' union campaigns officer."

    Quite ironic that this fella is a namesake of Andrew Cunningham, AKA Admiral of the Fleet Andrew Browne Cunningham, 1st Viscount Cunningham of Hyndhope, KT, GCB, OM, DSO

    One if the RN's finest officers of WW2
  10. Bored kids on the verge of adulthood flexing their new found independence and ability to think form themselves so it seems. They'll forget about this and move onto another in vogue topic next week. Save the whale or whatnot.

    Young people are recruited into the military for various reasons, full stop. Where they go and what they do after that is a different matter.
  11. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Given that I am in the process of joining up to get away from the NUT goons that have very similar views I must denounce your conscription policy :twisted: . Our soldiers are highly trained, highly motivated people.

    Your typical tree hugging druid student is barely motivated to go and buy a fesh bag of weed after he has smoked the last one :roll: . If you are going to conscript them, send them somewhere they can't do any harm. Like Porton Down as test subjects for example.

    And yes I have a major chip on my shoulder about these "people". I worked my arrse off to afford to go to uni yet they get given everthing they need by mummy and daddy.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    So you think you are the only person in the UK who has had to work hard to afford a University education?

  13. If the Student Union objects to the wars (apparently on the grounds of unpopularity, rather than any moral reason), perhaps they might like to ban the following organisation:

    After all, it was the Labour Government that took the country to war, and this society apparently is set up to further the aims of the Labour Party. The Armed Forces go where they are directed by the Government of the day ("ours not to reason why"). Ban them you shallow-thinking, pointless, trotskyite morons.
  14. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Hardly. But the vast majority of these neo-trot types are from extremely wealthy familes. They then try and claim that it is wrong to exploit the sweat of the workers kinda thing.

    Forget finding a fountain of youth. We need to find a fountain of growing up before you get the right to vote...
  15. These Feckers will be after ex service personnel studying at Uni, because we may be seen as part of the sneaky beaky brigade out to recruit people subversively. Come the revolution!!