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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by chandysbud, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. I'm a uni student half way through my first year. I was going to join OTC but it seemed more of a "social" club than anything else, so I opted for TA. I looked at joining the Int Corps but all of the training was during term time, which I can't afford to have off from uni. Any time I couldn't make a training slot I would be back squadded.

    I still want to join the TA. Can anyone suggest any other TA units that may be more flexible with training dates (esp basic/recruit training) and more student friendly? Or is my idea of joining a lost cause?
  2. Doubt its a lost cause. I see you chose Int and maybe looked at medics, being old school myself I need a little help understanding your thinking. Am I right in thinking your looking for something more complex than say Inf, Arty, SAS, Para or RLC? (why on earth does Leeds go from SF/teeth to REMF so quickly).

    You have to understand that TA comes 2nd place to ACF when asking training areas and some within the TA (PSI's/regular officers?) think that running training on Uni/School holidays means we won't turn in (so we don't get the students on camps).

    What do you think about IT/Comms, TA RSigs is quite large so should be able to fit your recruit & trade in with your studying. We can also offer you plenty of courses, one of our unemployed LCpls is doing shed loads of (IT) courses at the mo, so as a student we maybe able to offer you near full time employment during the summer.
    If that sounds ok, join 49 Sig Sqn once you have completed your recruit training then transfer to 38 Sig Regt (in Blackburn, Manchester or Sheffield) and we will hopefully deliver what I said above. Plus we don't work with dinosaur comms kit, most of our kit is less than 5 years old
  3. If you can get your local PSI on side there is a 7 week course starting in july which will get you from attestation to fully trained and and a driving licence to boot.

    PM me and i'll give ou the low down on it.
  4. There's always time at uni, just depends if you're prepared to give up drinking on fri and sat night and sleeping in with a hangover, or geeting paid for drinking on fri & sat night and training during the day. The two week camp dates tend to vary all year through... Unless of course the initial recruit training is run as a 'one week' fasttrack. If it's just weekends you should be able to fit things in, unless there's other things getting in your way in which case I'm talking rubbish.

    What do you fancy doing? Leeds has a lot to offer TA wise. I'd suggest joining the Royal Artillary or 49 Signals Sqn, at Carlton Barracks, carlton gate just outside town near Little London - can't miss it, both rather friendly units. PM me if you need more info.

    Of course if you're seriously fit and committed then go for SAS, or sas comms if you want something a bit more complicated.
  5. I had a bit of a problem finding a suitable unit in Leeds and ended up at the UOTC, for apparent lack of anything better. Mistake. Don't do it. Full of pen15es. Should have just been prepared to swallow my pride and be a gunner :wink: (or whatever) for the 4 years; at least that way I wouldn't have ended up getting so disillusioned with it all and "losing" four years of service (although I managed to stay signed on) and playing catch up ever since. Despite subsequent success at JNCO level having transferred back to the TA, being honest with myself I should by now really be either Regular Capt / TA Capt / TA Sgt.
  6. Thanks for your replies.

    I'm definitely looking for something thats challenging mentally, rather than physically. The signals is a possibility. Could anyone offer more info on this?

    If joining a unit whilst at uni, is it possible to transfer to a unit at home over summer or would I have to stay in Leeds?
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Get yourself on courses during the summer.

  8. Depends how far, I didn't attend drill nights but travelled upto Leeds for weekends. Probably the most professional unit in Leeds (less SAS & Para) is probably the Arty@Carlton Barracks (if it was them I was seeing :wink: )

    I think 49 Sigs Sqn may also be what your after but be very clear what you want to do. If your after a commission then your better off in 38 Sigs Regt (at least 3 Sqns within 40 miles of Leeds whereas 49 only has a couple of Signal Troops in that area, so a commission could mean a posting to another Sqn 70 miles away)

    Course available in 38 are things that other units won't do e.g. Promina Mux, Realtis Telephone Exchange, SatComms etc, all 'civilian' qualifications (p.s. I'm not saying you will be able to do these courses but chances you'd get them are far higher -- as we've got this kit)
  9. Could someone tell me what trades are open to signals TA?
  10. I assume you mean at 49 which is the Leeds siggy unit

    As its a Ptarmigan unit you have a choice from Techie, Driver Line Driver Electrician, Area Systems Operators, Radio Operator , erm storeman I think and perhaps slop jockey

    Area systems operators get to drive hgv and live in a bedford , can recommend it
  11. 49 is pretty decent.

    Radops get a landrover to play with, get excited about erecting masts bleeps and squeeks but get to live/work in a 9foot by 9foot tent + LR with added kerosine which makes things nice and toasty.. Enjoying late night drinking helps if I know that troop well enough. Bonus is that you can set up and strip down the det in about half the time a relay det can, which is nice when it's raining, but no where near as much power so can't play xbox and watch tv all day and constant static/bleeps can get to you.

    ASOPs play with the switch vehicles and relays, pretty much the core trade in the squadron/regiment - relay ops get lots of power so good for taking the xbox/laptop on exercise, can take you far - gets you a HGV license as well..... eventually (possibly a long time).

    Techs look at things, say it's broken and order a new one, probably fix it when they get the right parts/time. ED's look after power and such like, seem to be immune to electric shocks.. Storemen, well they work in the stores, storing things.. Can you cook? There may be a chef vacancy. That's just about it, drop in on tuesday for more info - they won't press gang you and might be a free drink in it for you.
  12. self edited for taking thread off line.
  13. Hi,

    I'm a student in Manchester and have been with the RLC for a few years. They have a huge range of trades to go for and they are really flexible as they're a national specialist unit.

    RLC (V)
    Prince William of Gloucester Barracks,
    Lincs, NG31 7TJ

    Tel: 0115 957 3221
    Fax: 0115 957 3118

    Dave 8)
  14. For students who wish to join the TA but not have the time for parade nights, Grantham as mentioned above is your best choice. Its weekend orientated, 2 week camps always available in your extensive holiday periods which you can usually find and arrange to avoid exam time.
    It is also the best time if you are considering a commission to get the training in as it is now quite time consuming and very difficult if you graduate into a half sensible paid job that doesnt give you the time off.
    Details are posted above.
    Even once you graduate and want a more committed TA engagement, a transfer to a Regional TAC is fairly painless, however, Granthamites often put in plenty of time to keep their days up to suit.
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