Student Summer Jobs... who needs them!

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Capt Cheeky, Jul 31, 2003.

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  1. my old unit have been busy as pie helping out with ACF/CCF camps, building things, climbing things, learning things etc etc and I'm quite interested how many other UOTC's keep their cadets in MTD's and gainful employment over the summer vacation and with what tasks?

    I for a fact never needed a summer job when I was in! 8)
  2. ULOTC are busily beavering away moving into the new premises on and off this summer. Lots of MTDs to be had there, as well as (it is rumoured) lots of cash for meals.

    Not to mention the likes of Guns Camp and recruiting later on. I've usually managed to get several hundred quid earned by October.
  3. Join the club in previous years I had:
    Adventure Training Camp :arrow: 3 week CCF camp :arrow: 2 week ACF camp :arrow: possible summer attachment for 2 weeks :arrow: recruiting

    Happy days indeed! Meanwhile others would be doing a combination of the above interspersed with foreign expeds, battlefield tours, TA Sandbags etc etc

    Oh what a happy life it was! :roll:
  4. The best gigs to get at ULOTC are:

    :arrow: Sigs troop (no bugger understands the scaley stuff but still needs comms so you do EVERYTHING!) and to a lesser extent RLC (though there are LGV drivers in most troops in MTQ2)

    :arrow: Recruiting team (esp in Aug/Sept/Oct) as it almost a full-time post for 3 months

    :arrow: post camp admin (if you don't mind cleaning gats day in day out)

    :arrow: jumping on the ACF/CCF bandwagon (though not all are paid)

    :arrow: Reg/TA attachments

    :arrow: Training the Trainer (pre-course admin and recce of trg area as well as admin during the week)

    All you need to be is inventive and on the right side of the RSM!
  5. Tell me about it, I was Sigs JUO and even in the year preceding and after still turned up heaps to teach, run CP's, man the Cambrian Trg Team FFR etc... scaleyback tasks really do bolster the pay packet! Once they find out you're qualified and show interest you busy all the time!


    Le Stic.
  6. Here'a another reason for not getting a summer job, I'm stuck in a bloody office this afternoon, the sun's beating down, fit birds are wearing less and less as the temperature increases, the parks are packed with semi-naked sun worshippers, my air-conditioning's packed in and I've got a trek from E14 to Heathrow to do in a packed train carriage (no doubt the air-con's u/s on that as well! :cry: ) and all I fancy doing is...

    Being away with the OTC, being outside getting a tan whilst working and generally having a good craic. I know this is a rose-tinted view of OTC summer attachments / tasks but what the hell I'm jealous! I wish I'd never left. Harumph rhubarb rhubarb etc etc.

    Ach well a nice pint of Stella and some Louis Armstrong should sort everything out when I get to my final destination. 8)

  7. ULOTC can't possibly leave Handelstrasse where is the respect for tradition?

    Back in the early 1990s there was a rumour of going to worship st, has this happened?

  8. Bah, the whole thing is crazy. It's a palaver*.

    The spiritual home of ULOTC is still Yeomanry House. However, the Handel St. premises are being renovated; this started last autumn, and so far Ashton House (the old Int & Sy building) is semi-finished.

    A Coy training was split between the HAC and Clifton St. TAC for the autumn term, with two parallel companies (A1 and A2), each with their own OC and 2ic (although only one JUO A, who spent most of his time running, ahem, walking between the locations). Cadre and MTQ2 remained at Yeomanry House -- training in the cinema, in the PSIs offices, in the stationery cupboard, etc. -- and A Coy still paraded at Yeomanry House on Friday nights. By January the falloff in A Coy numbers was such that both companies could train at Clifton St.

    Not sure what they're expecting to happen next year. The original plan was to have the entire refit finished by the time next year's A Coy arrive (ha!). I think the unit have acknolwedged that split training was daft (especially as there was no bar available at the HAC) but I don't see what the alternative is unless the refit is finished in time.

    [*] Probably the first time I've had an excuse to use this word...
  9. no excuse is needed at all to use the word palaver in connection with the vast majority of OTC situations.......apart from of course the expertly managed Handel Street bar! :wink:[/quote]
  10. ahhh....... good old Scoops, we'd have been lost without him :wink:
  11. For those out of the loop, it was decided last year that if scoop no longer ran the bar on a training night the unit would save lots of money. Therefore, a certain well-respected, good looking, witty and well hung Ocdt was given the almighty task of running the bar which, reports have it, was much fun until the bureaucratic machine took over once again.

    But worry not, the age old principles of a drink for the customer/ a free one for the bar staff and 'if you want cold beer go to a pub' still remained. In addition, rolls were reintroduced, until it was realised how much marion suffered for us lowly cadets.

    In my humble opinion, losing the ability/ (right) to drink all night at the cheapest drinking club in london has led to the current slump in the OTC.
  12. What? 1/2 a day's pay a week for 28 weeks a year lots of money? Surely 14 days pay a year must be worth the morale of the unit?

    I think I'll be having a word in the Adj's ear when he gets back off leave! :x
  13. according to the man himself, once you totalled up all his half days here and quaters there, he ended up 20 or so days over the ULOTCs already grossly inflated MTD allowance per man.
  14. My old lot are about to start preparations for the annual recruiting period: Website update, fill the hall with displays etc, getting leaflets printed etc etc what other obscure methods have you chaps entertained to get the punters pressganged into the organisation???

    Oh on the paying the barstaff topic, the year I ran the bar was the last time OCdt's got paid for day to day running apart from functions etc. Bunch of arrse eh ?

    Those days are long gone and I suppose I've got no reason to whinge seeing as I'm earning just over.... well anyways! Good ol' civvy street!
  15. At my OTC the bar workers do not get paid, and that's a bit of a sore point. Especially when all the bar workers on a mess night have faces like thunder because they've been pressganged into doing the bar. The ACF seems a bit nicer with pay, this summer I'm doing 2 weeks with Gwent ACF, 2 weeks with GMACF, a week with the CCF, 2 Weeks OTC summer camp and little odds and sods here and there. That's a couple of grand minus beer expenses.