Student Offer: Cheap Windows 7

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by amazing__lobster, Oct 17, 2009.

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  1. you'll need a e-mail address.
  2. But why?

    Windows 7 is another version of Vista with bugs and some of the bells & whistles removed so as to lighten the load on the poor old processor.

    Stick with what you have got (or go back to XP... or even try linux or a UNIX flavour)
  3. I rate Window 7 actually. I've been running it and office 2007 on a Intel Atom-based wee thing and it flies. File searching etc is a lot more improved, and it looks tidy. Startup/close down is well rapid) and it hasn't crashed on me once in 6 months.

    anyone with a address can get the £30 version by the way, not just the unwashed ones :wink:
  4. msr

    msr LE

    The Power of ARRSE :)

  5. Mmm... actually guys I'd stick to Vista, wait until Windows 7 has gone through at least a service pack issued or a thousand updates as I've used it all from the beta right upto the RC1, wait for 1000's of mugs to get a hard on to buy it than start complaining to MS who will work out the kinks eventually.

    That said, Windows 7 is VERY pretty :)

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  6. You mentioned unwashed but you also forgot un-fed :D
  7. It's not something to be pissed on.
  8. I think you can use your NUS card too.

    Anyone studying with the OU or similar distance learning package at a Uni (bournemouth, nottingham i know do distance MBAs etc) can get one for a tenner.

    perks include discount on MaccyDs, pizzahut, staples, odeon, JJB and Amazon. Not to mention access to student bars.

    Click here.

    Discounts usually about 5%.
  9. Now that's one sentence I thought I would never hear in my lifetime!
  10. Well it's true, Windows Vista is now tried and tested and gone through 2 service packs and its compatible with virtually all hardware you may use on the mainstream market... why would you want to go and go for something which is just simply another marketing ploy? I've used it, it really doesn't have anything I can think of worth massaging my c0ck over which Vista doesn't already have implemented.
  11. I'm going to use Windows 7 for gaming (I do my real work on a mac) - apparently it doesn't clog the system as much as Vista does, so games supposedly run better under W7 than Vista.

  12. Superb, thanks for those posts - I am doing a distance learning degree and have a dot ac dot uk address. Clicked the link and found I could get a whole heap of software very cheaply.
  13. Cool - glad people are finding the link useful :D
  14. AAGF


    Went from 98 to XP - there were no viable interim upgrades (IHMO) - Vista did not count as a viable upgrade. Dell is offering new machines with XP - doesn't say much for 7.

    Unconvinced - may go back to Ubuntu.