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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by lilb55, Dec 15, 2010.

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  1. Hi
    I'm currently studying the DipHE in nursing, I'm in the first year, i was wondering if anybody knows if this qualification would enable me to be a nurse in the army? and if so when to apply to join?


    Lily :???:
  2. post some photos and I'm sure most of the site will be willing to contribute their views on your military potential.
  3. Is Diphe (Dippie) a qualification if so, I could be a Nurse

  4. I feckin hope it does - It's the qual I've been nursing with for the last few years!

    Unless things have changed much recently the DipHE/RN should do the business, though there is a big move at the minute to get everyone degree qual'd so I don't know how long the diploma will be good for.

    As for when to join, I'd recommend getting two years post reg under your belt then applying as an officer. You may still know bugger all as a nurse at that stage, but the army will treat you more as a grown up and life is a bit more comfortable.

    If you want to go in immediately post reg then apply in your last 6 months of training, making sure the AFCO are aware of when you are due to complete your course. This will (or at least should) mean that you won't get loaded onto an ATR slot prior to completing your diploma. I'm not 100% on the current rules though - they may tell you to come back once you've successfully completed nurse training as they need proof of your qualification.

    Speak to the AFCO for clarification is the DS answer I suppose.

    Either way, good luck.