Student nurse??


Heya everyone,

I am contemplating applying for student nurse. My dilemma is I’ am probably more passionate about the army than nursing, I really want to travel and nurse around the world and not just be stuck in an NHS hospital, I don’t want to be a combat medic as I want to challenge myself academically and have qualifications I can use in civi street. So the actual question is, how much time do you spend as a nurse in a NHS hospital, and whats your view as a nurse in the army?

Thanks for any input :D


Go for it!!!!

One thing though - make sure you get to a MDHU once you have qualified! Not everyone gets 2ndry care ie MDHU's! You need the skills that you will pick up in this consolidation phase in 2ndry care!

If you are unlucky you will be sent to an MRS and once there you will struggle to pick up skills that will make you the versatile military nurse you should be!

Going from a MRS to MDHU is much harder then from a MDHU to MRS!

The proof is out there!


War Hero

Just so that you go away fully educated - I know a little bit about being a Combat Medical Technician and you CAN train professionally (Ambulance Tech then Paramedic). All and any further education is also open to you as you will discover and many Cbt Med Techs' study in their own time and obtain a variety of University qualifications. The travel is a given and the life IS exciting............. however, your call and good luck either way.


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