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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by MissSam, May 20, 2010.

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  1. Hi All, I've had a rummage using the search function but could only find a post from 2006 sepcifically about this so hopefully someone can furnish me with some more recent info. I'm applying to be a student nurse and, although I'm only at the start of my application, I'd like to find out a bit more about the selection boards I'll have to do after ADSC. I know I'll find out more as my app progresses but I just want to be well prepared.

    I'm assuming there will be an interview element - what sort of questions are they likely to ask? I imagine it'll include stuff like why I want to be a nurse, the main roles for nurses within the army both at home and abroad, awareness of current issues in nursing, how I think I'll cope with the studying, what do I know about the course, what do I know about the NMC, etc. Is that about right?

    What else is included? I'm sure I read somewhere about problem solving exercises and teamworking stuff (similar to those at ADSC?). Is there an element of academics to it, like being given a topic to research in advance?

    Sorry to sound a bit clueless - I am at the moment, but trying not to be!!! Thanks in advance. :)
  2. Can you explain you're situation more clearly? Are you a student nurse studying at University currently and applying for the Army to get the QARANC Bursary and be an direct entry upon qualifying. If so I can explore this abit clearly for you, although my situation will differ slightly as i'm a re-enlistment into the army.

    Right here go's!

    My advice do AOSB (Army officer selection board) via QARANC PQO selection, however you can only be an officer in the QARANC if you have over 1 year left of your course, if you have less than a year you have to be a squaddie (Corporal). I made this mistake and it'll now take two years before I can apply for my commission!..Especially after 3 years with the OTC (Officer Training Corps) i've done alongside my nursing course as uni.

    My understanding of the squaddie process is this:

    Attend AFCO - Informal Interview, fill out form, application
    Sit your BARB (Army psychometric test) - this gives you a GDI score...this score is essentially you're feasibility for training, the higher you get the easier it is to train you, meaning there more likely you take you.
    To be a nurse (I scored 68) which is "above average" meaning no infantry for me! LOL
    Once you've had your BARB, Second interview, then a third interview, then a date for ADSC.
    Attend ADSC (3 Days at Pirbright for QARANC Applicants - nursing)
    - However AFCO Told me I Won't have to do this due to be a re-enlistment, something to do with being given imediate re-entry after i left 6 years ago, although i'll do it anyway because i've requested it to make it clear i do not want to be treated differently.
    At the end of ADSC you have a soldier interview, giving you provisional job offer..however..nursing is attend a second interview after (possibility at ADSC - But doubtful) which is you're professional interview with a nurse.
    You'll be asked some scenario's testing you're professionalism, i.e. for me (being mental health) i find someone self harming - what you going to do, what aspects to i need to be aware of...another good'one is its a busy ward, the ward manager has dished up everyones medication and asked you to give it, would you? if not why?..i.e answer to this is you've not witnessed it being dispensed, your responsible for your "own"'ll also be asked about your aspirations, what u want to do in the army if selected to be a nurse, you'll be asked about ur views and outlook on current operations quite possibly too.
    After this your notified about whether you got the job.

    For me I'm currently waiting for an answer yes/ i had a 203 (Re-enlistment) interview which basically means i'm asked questions like why i left and wat i've done since leaving, why i want to rejoin..these are all sent to test you, but five years of nursing and 3 yrs of TA is about playing the game, being the grey man - but that lil bit betta :)

    As a student nurse i would highly recommend joining as an Officer, i can post you the email of the admin to start the process if you'd like.

  3. Further to my post..for re-enlistments its a two year wait to rejoin the army at the moment, according to AFCO...Although if you're applying for a needed trade..i.e. mental health nursing being one of them you're application is fast-tracked.

    This currently applies to all applying for the army being nursing..mental health anyway so i've been told by AFCO..

    There are no dates inparticular to ADSC, You'll be given a date and most likely have to put up with the 16/17yr old scrots applying to join the army.

    Being a nurse, a professional, an officer is the best way to go, bear in mind your given a great amount of responsibility..i myself will go in as a my time for 2 years and apply for my commission as i would like to work with people, do my job to the best of my ability, care for my patients n get my top-up to degree and possibly my Cognitive behaviour therapy then be a pip'd up officer :)
  4. Hi Buttonz, thanks for replying and for the loads of info! I'm printing it off to read in detail :)

    I'm not a nursing student at the moment but am wanting to apply to become a student nurse with the Army - i.e. to do my training through the Army at Birmingham uni. I understand from my ACIO that part of the selection for this is to sit (and pass, obviously) a student nurse selection board after I've passed ADSC. They put it in terms of passing ADSC means I'm accepted into the Army per se but I'm not accepted as a student nurse until/unless I pass that selection board as well.

    It sounds like the professional interview you mentioned is at least part of the selection boards. I'd expect some questions like the ones you mentioned - I've got a couple of nurse friends coming up with some testers for me. I also figured keeping abreast of the latest issues in something like Nursing Times would be a good place to start and I'm hoping my years of experience with St John Ambulance will count in my favour too.

    I was aware of the 2yr post-qual wait before commissioning and accept that. I'd like to go commissioned eventually but I think I'd need the 2 years (at least) to get to grips with the role and become sufficiently confident before trying to lead others in it!

    Good luck with your re-entry, and thanks again for the info :)
  5. I think you may need to be a graduate to start nurse training now................??
  6. That's not what my ACIO or the interweb site says, but as it goes I already have 2 degrees (both in law) so I am definitely a graduate. Anyway, when I went to see the ACIO the ssgt said he was quite satisifed with my existing quals (even though we couldn't work out how many new UCAS points my old-style A Levels are worth).

    I think you mean that the nursing training is moving from the diploma/possible degree if you're good enough to the degree course only from the April intake so they've upped the required quals to A Levels instead of just GCSEs. Probably a good thing really - I understand the diploma isn't much lower in terms of level of study required than the degree (got a couple of nurse friends who love to debate that point).

    PS love your signature :p
  7. The Officer advice is the best way forward and would it seems suit your circumstances best. Have you spoken with the RAMC Offrs Wing people in camberley, if not I have their phone number if you wish by PM.
  8. 01276 412741. QARANC recruiting group (not RAMC). They will give you proper advice.
  9. Forgive me if I have misunderstood, but I think the officer advice is unsuitable in my circumstances. I cannot join as a nursing officer - I am not a qualified nurse and nor am I undertaking nursing training at present. I have 2 degrees but these are in law, not a medical discipline of any description. Moreover, I currently work in local authority procurement - not exactly medical either! No, at the moment my medical experience comes from volunteering with St John Ambulance (where I am an officer, but it's not exactly the same). I'd like to go for commission eventually, but would obviously have to get in and complete my training first.

    When I originally went to the ACIO the ssgt I spoke to did ask whether I would be better off on the officer route given my quals (he thought the intelligence lot would love to have me). However I'm settled on what I want to do and when I explained that he accepted it and commended me for being determined and already having decided on job choices before bothering them. Incidentally, my other choices are operating department practitioner and either biomedical scientist or HCA. Basically, I have to work my way up then that's what I'll do, and it won't do me any harm starting at the bottom.

    issac_hunt - thanks for the number, I'll give them a bell on Monday :)
  10. Do you still need information? Ive just finished basic and will be starting Birmingham City in Sept as a student nurse.
  11. If your a student nurse Id DEFINATELY select you !!!!!!!
  12. Hello there

    I would like to be an army nutse i have passed my army selection (BARB test, fitness) but i am waiting for my second interview woth the nurse.

    I have tried contacting the army but cant get through. Dors any one have any idea how i can find out when i will be going for the interview? I has been about 5 months since i have passed the selection.

    If you or amy one else have any tip or ideas on how i can contacts my CSM and what will the second interview include please please help.
  13. You can't get through?

    Intriguing. Have you tried the online chat on the website?

    In the mean time, I suggest you brush up on your spelling/writing.
  14. How can army reject your application on something that is not a requirement?

    I am applying for army nursing, i don't have much experience in nursing. It not required to have any experience. Still they rejected my application can anyone help
  15. What reason did they put?