Student Nurse Selection Board Advice

I have my Student Nurse Selection Board assessment weekend in January. Any advice would be appreciated
In relation to the numeracy- as I realise this is medical related? what I should revise up on?
The essay/literacy tests?

What nursing topics I should read up on for discussions?
Anything else to help me prepare for it?

The interview?

Please help any advice would be appreciated!!! Thanks


Hiya, in relation to the numeracy it shouldn't be too difficult pre training. Even if it is medically worded it's irrelevant as a sum is a sum whether it's worded around medications or how many tins of paint you need to paint a room. So for this I'd recommend revising general multiplication & division sums. Also using decimals is quite a big thing through training so things like that for when you're doing drug calculations for smaller volumes. I've not done the student nurse selection though but did train at BCU so just comparing to the maths we did at Uni. Good luck :)

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