Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by one-flew-over, Apr 17, 2007.

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    I know we have a health crisis but this girl had 2 years training and was left for 30 minutes with a poorly patient. I'm sorry but this is less news worthy than anything. TWO bloody years and she can't care for someone with a cough? This is whinging beyond belief! :x
  2. So how much compo is the fugly looking for? Or will that be kept quiet till she sells her next story?
  3. Compo as is compensation, or compo as in 24 hr rat packs? not to judge anyone by their size or anything, but

    did she eat him?
  4. Is she Faye Turney?
  5. Fcuking useless cow, my missis is a stoodent nurse and she is brill. yes of course students are left with patients, during training student nurses are rotated between placement and boring old lectures, rag weeks etc, one of the wife placements was in an ICU, she was with patients all day on her own, WHY ??? Because thats what the job entails.
  6. Cad, She felt "scared and vunerable", that because it was you wheezing under the sheets, she thought oh no, he'll want to guess whats up the wrong un, again............ standards slipping for student nurses, in all areas
  7. Thank you for restoring my faith in ARRSE, I have only just read the story and was concerned on reading the thread title in capital letters that this would be a 'Shock Horror' thread.

    The oxygen thief should be more than capable of looking after a pneumonia stricken patient for 30 minutes.

    Therein lies one of the intangible skills of a good nurse, the ability to prioritise your patients.

    Why? Because he survived and suffered no ill-effects as a result of her care?

    Since when did BBC News become The Daily Express?
  8. I started training in 72 and we vied for the responsibility of looking after very ill patients and gaining the trust of senior staff.

    It was a badge worn with pride that within 3 months of PTS we were allowed to provide this type of care!
  9. The biggest (and she being the largest) load of (trailer) trash I have ever read... I qualified in Feb, and as a student was often left in charge of a bay, I do not belive for one millisecond that their was no other nurse (or HCA) on the ward she could call upon for help.

    She needs to give herself a good talking to. Before the triaining of nurses was taken away from the hospitals, it was not uncommon for a senior student (end of year two onwards) to run a ward (usually a night shift).

    Get a frigging grip..........
  10. 2 years into training and couldnt look after 1 patient with breathing difficulties! She really needs to get her finger out, she'll be qualified in less than a year, her trainig needs to be looked at. I have first year ODP students with more confidence!
    She should spend more time in study and less in eating pies and whinging to the Beeb!


    Looks like she could do with a good wash as well!
  11. How dare her colleague faint! It's not as if her mentor went off for a smoke or a planned break. If she can't cope with a wheezy bloke for 30 mins then what's going to happen when something significant actually happens?
  12. FFS. Please tell me she's not going to join the Grey Mafia.
  13. Jeez, third years used to be in charge on nights not so long ago.

    Maybe it's just as well if she leaves, she clearly isn't cut out for the job.

  14. Straight in as an officer as well!
  15. She should lay off the rubbing alcohol.