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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by tingbat, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    First post, so I hope it's in the right place.

    I am currrently a student nurse, studying mental health at Sheffield, and wanting to work for an oragnisation like Combat Stress when qualified. I've been thinking about joining the TA for a while, but having looked at the Army web site and searched the forums here, I haven't been able to establish whether this is something I can do / whether they would want me, as I'm not a 'proper' nurse as such.

    I know the answer will probably be 'call them and find out' but I was hoping someone here could throw a bit of light on the situation first.

  2. Thanks for that jarrod.

    The reason I was unsure is that as a mental health nurse I don't tend to do the 'nursey' things that the others do: catheters, bandages etc (apparently, we just get to mess with their heads....) . and therefore I didn't know how useful I would be.

    I understand that some people don't want to do their job in their spare time, but I thought that it would help me have a better insight into what I would be working with when qualified, as well as being something I'm very interested in.

  3. The placements do sound interesting. I've only just started, so placements are something I have little control over until my third year, but I will keep it in mind.

    The reason I mentioned the 'nursey' things is that we keep being told that we just won't do them. I am actually very interested in learning them in order to be a better nurse, and would love to be in a field hospital setting too.

    Will give the Sheffield lot a call tomorrow.

    Many thanks for the advice.
  4. Join the TA (any capbadge) and get shagged sensless. It's a good life for a girl.
  5. He's right, I am a girl. Married to a squaddie tho' so I don't need to join for that reason :)
  6. AC/DC
  7. Tingbat, welcome to the forums and all that! If I were you I would do some acute inpatient experience first once you've qualified. That way you have a good grounding in the basics, for want of a better term, and you won't end up getting forced down a route you don't enjoy as this is a platform for most other specialities.

    You may well find that places like CS are more interested in people who have post grad/diploma CBT qualifications or substance misuse experience as nurses, as what they do is so specialised so you'd need some other employment first.

    As to the TA, it's well worth joining. Like Jarrod I started off as an infanteer but moved over to a Fd Hospital. I recently deployed on Herrick, as did one of the RMNs from your local unit in Sheffield, 212 and I think it's fair to say that the experience makes you a much better clinician when you return, though my job means I don't use that as much as I'd sometimes like now.

    Another opportunity you could consider if you join the TA is spending some time with one of the military MH teams in the UK, Catterick being the obvious one for you. I did a shortish placement at DKPH when they still had the inpatient ward, but I've also spent time with the CMHT there and they're very good and interested in passing on their knowledge.

    Again, if I can be of any help I'm quite happy to, just PM me and I'll assist where I can!
  8. Thanks psychobabble. First placement is acute admissions as it happens - am really looking forward to it.

    I am looking to do CBT when I qualify - it was one of the reasons I got interested in mental health nursing.

    Thanks both for the help - will probably pm when I have any more specific questions.

  9. Good point, allow me to add:

    If you're a male-nurse, join the medics and get fucked by other male-nurses.
  10. Didn't mean you mate. You made a good point that it could be a male nurse and I thought I should cover all the bases.
  11. When I first joined the Fd Hosp I was in a CMT slot (as a student RMN), and this was very useful as it meant I got taught how to do most of the basic physical care things and life support skills (and how to do tracheostomys on pig throats by a now retired ex 22 SAS attached gasman!). The general nurses in my unit weren't particularly bothered what you were going to be, their view was that you still needed to know this stuff, so they taught it you anyway.

    This was a BIG advantage when I qualified as I was one of the few who could take blood etc (once I'd done the prescribed courses for the NHS, naturally).
  12. I dont think that youve quite got the hang of mental health! how far into your training are you?

    The last thing a soldier (or indeed anyone) with mental health issues needs is someone else 'messing' with their heads.
  13. You will do the "proper" nursey stuff. I'm an RMN & to take some of our patients outside of the unit for medical appts requires 4 staff & 2 sets of handcuffs. Its safer & easier (also cheaper) to do as much "nursey" stuff ourselves inside the building