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Wondering whether anyone can help?

I am interested in becoming a nurse via the Army, I have been researching via the net and Army pages to find out info and looked on the Birmingham Uni website however I cannot seem to find any information on the Accommodation at DSHCS – is this at the Uni or on a Barracks near by?

Apologies if this question has been asked before however the search function doesn’t seam to work and I have looked through some of the pages but not found anything!

Also if anyone can provide any further information on what being an Army Nurse is like I would be grateful.

Many Thanks,

Accom while at BCU is in Uni type flat accom but with a military twist, you get inspected!

While on clinical placements youll more than likely be in Military accom dependant on which hospital you have your placements in.
its not on site but you get a travel card thing for the bus. I believe that it is purely for military.
I'm doing my nurse training at the moment. We have uni accomodation on a separate site a couple of miles down the road from the uni. The site is mixed with civvy students but we have our own blocks within the campus. The flats are basically individual rooms around a shared kitchen. You do get inspected but its nothing to lose sleep over, you just cant live quite as messily as other students.

Placements are mixed military and civilian so obviously going further afield will have you housed in military accomodation proper. However most (but not all) placements are local anyway.

I definately recommend this way to do your training, the life is great and you'll mix with a great bunch of people with far more support than civillian students gain. Also it doesn't hurt to be paid a proper wage whilst studying rather than having to cope with a bursary and student loans.

Feel free to PM me if need to know anything specific.


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