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I've spent the last year doing a Level 3 Public Services course before deciding I would like to be a nurse in the army. My Level 3 course UCAS points are not acknowledged by Birningham University, so I will be starting from scratch again next year doing 3 'A' Levels. Could anyone tell me how many Student Nurses are selected each year, and also when would be the best time to apply - wouldn't want to miss an intake by applying at the wrong time of year.
You could just do your training through the NHS and then leave and join up, there is no contract that ties you to the NHS. Obviously you get paid more if you get trained by the forces but it can be quicker just to go to uni and then join. Much easier to get in once you've got your PIN. Civvy unis often have multiple entries per year normally two, it would be quicker to get in through the NHS. You don't need to have a degree from birmingham, you just need to get qualified as a nurse. That said find the recruiters for QARANC or pop down the AFCO and ask about the requirements, I think they will want healthcare experience too. Its very competitive to get trained by the army but well worth applying for.

It is a really shit course and loads of people drop out but once its done the world is your oyster. Join regular army, go abroad or whatever.
Apply for NHS and army at the same time if you can.
The entry requirements have been changed this year, I was at an OU briefing a few weeks ago about this and they've upped them as nursing moves towards all graduate, although there are options other than A levels. I have a number of support workers at the hospital I manage who wish to do their degree and it's affected them.
i wany to join the army as qaranc student nurse but dont have the qualification needed can the british army help me with the access to nursing course,coz I have already done my barb, medical, preselection and I don't want to do anything other than nursing!!
Intakes are twice a year April and September. You must have 280 UCAS points now to enter the Army as a Student Nurse. We currently do not have an access to nursing course. The closest you would get to the wards without the above would be a Health Care Assistant. Hope that helps.

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