Student nurse and Army bursaries

A quick question for any student nurses who have got an Army bursary for their studies. Does it confict with the NHS bursary that you recieve as standard, in particular the means tested one awarded to degree rather than diploma students. I.e if your awarded the army bursary do they simply reduce the amount of NHS means tested bursary to compensate?

I'm thinking strongly about training as a civillian and joining up afterwards because of the amount of time the whole process is taking and not wanting to have to wast a year if all does not pan out. But I do also want to join the army so this may be my best option as there is a job waiting on the other side. I've noticed that there are others on this board who are considering the same so if anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it.

Not sure what your question is about? But if you are planning to join the Army as a student nurse you get paid a full time wage. No bursary from the NHS but close to a staff nurse's wages.

I hope that helps.
MrNurse is studying Nursing at university as a Bachelor's Degree. Joining up as an OR is not an option.

Army Bursaries are available to all undergraduates. As far as the Army is concerned, whether you are in receipt of other bursaries makes no difference whatsoever. Strictly, the NHS bursary should not be altered either (that's what makes it a "bursary", rather than means-tested funding). However, the best people to ask are the NHS, not us.

Thanks for the replies. Was away last week doing my RSC so haven't been back post a reply.
FLLnurse I can see where I might have been creating confusion if you've been reading my other posts where I've said I'm applying for student nurse in the army itself. This is true, hense the RSC last week, but as a back up I've gained a place at a uni to train as a civillian - ie outside the army. This is what has caused me to start asking about bursaries etc in case I go this route - sorry for the confussion.

IdeasFactory - I think, though I'm willing to be corrected, that you might be thinking of the bursary that thoses on other degree courses can get from the Army who then head off to Sandhurst at the end. I believe that there is a separate bursary for nurses doing there training who then join the OR at the end. To be a nursing officer requires two years post-qualification experience before one can apply hense the separate nursing bursary as opposed to the other officer kind.
However I am a bit sketchy on the details as I've sent for the brochure from the army website three times now and got nowt.

I was hoping for someone in a similar position ie civillian student nurse getting an army bursary who could shine a light for me. Reason being that if your doing the Bsc your NHS bursary is means tested, as opposed to the diploma qualification where it is not. So any money from the Army as far as I can work out will be taken (obviously?) as income and the NHS bursary adjusted accordingly.
Having called the NHS bursary people they gave me the hugely helpful answer of "possibly, we assess it when the application form comes in" and just to top that off they wont tell you how much you're going to get untill you've actually started you course! Thats really the reason I've asked here, just on the off chance.

Thanks for your help anyway.
(Btw, if any of this wrong please correct me- I'm just muddling my way throught it all at the moment)



I am also a student nurse, but I am doing the Advanced DipHe in Adult Nursing with the NHS.
I am also a student nurse as part of the TA.
If the process with the army is taking a long time do think seriously about waiting if you really want to be an army nurse, as you do get paid a decent wage, I get £571 a month (including london weighing) which is crap, I had not thought properly about different routes to do nursing, but am looking strongly at going into the army later on in my career.
The Bsc (hons) will mean that you will have to get a student loan which is means tested, but if your doing the Bsc (which i think you are) you will recieve the same bursery as the DipHe students, from what I understand, if you are living outside the london area, the the bursery will be really rubbish (as it is in london let alone outside)

You could try ringing the army rucruitment people they may be able to shed some light, I no how shite the NHS lot are!!
I don't recieve and army bursery (i don't no much about how that would be good) but if you decide not to pursue the army route look into the TA if there is one near you at least you will earn a little bit more and get some experience etc

sorry if this is stuff you already know
good luck

Am lookin at the TA hopefully if I do not go regs.
Bsc means you get half the NHS bursary that diploma students get and are able to apply for a student loan of half the usual amount. So it adds up to about the same to live on as the diploma but half comes from the loan which I have to pay back.

I am another older recruit at very nearly 28 so waiting for the nursing board in Feb with the possibility of them saying no leaving me having lost another year is looking less apealling. If I was a bit younger it might be different but I just need to get started as I am rapidly running out of youth.

That said the upper limit for joinging the regs is 33 so I can still make that at the end of my studies. Just means going back to living like a student on super noodles for a while.

Time is becoming more important to me than money at the moment. (good God - did I say 28 or 78)

Cheers for the reply


good luck with is all!
One bit of advise I as i said i'm doin the DipHe, if you do well enough then the uni will often offer to boost it to a Bsc with out having to pay (not sure if this is the same with all uni's)! although the Dip and Bsc are the same course!!

Good luck with is all and i wouldn't worry too much about your age!!
I think I'm in the same boat.
My ambition is either to be a combat medical technician or a nurse in the army. I've applied for uni to start in 2012, but have also started my application with the army. However the application is taking forever, I am currently awaiting a response about my medical papers which I have sent off. Applied to uni as a back up so I don't miss a year. I don't know if I should continue down the civillian route as it is surely quicker and also join the UOTC while at uni in prep. Or wait and do it through the army which is not guarateed?...And of course as a graduate you can go straight onto the PQO course as I would be happy as a officer also.
Can anyone help with some advice as to what is best to do?
Ultimately I want a job in the army where it is hands on and I can help others.
Also considered applying for the cadetship



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I can't advise on most of your points but you do need to be doing the degree course as nursing is rapidly moving towards being an all graduate profession. It's harder doing this later.
@ MrNurse: Bear in mind that the upper limit for joining the regs (QARANC) is 33, but you have to have two years of (post-registration) clinical experience behind you at that point. I'm finding this out to my cost at the moment.
@ MrNurse: Bear in mind that the upper limit for joining the regs (QARANC) is 33, but you have to have two years of (post-registration) clinical experience behind you at that point. I'm finding this out to my cost at the moment.
Just to amend my last post, I've had a chat with a QARANC Staff Sergeant today who told me that the age limit for officer entry is actually 39. The central officer recruiting bods told me it was 33, hence me feeling a bit despondent about it all!

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